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Famous Living Dead (part 39)

Gerard's P.O.V:
Ray sat up straight, and cleared his watery eyes. “Sorry.” He mumbled as he ran his sleeve underneath his nose. “Ray! Don't apologize, you don't need to.” I warmly smiled. He smiled back, but I could tell something was still wrong. “Ray?” “Yeah?” He sniffed. “Somethings still wrong, isn't it?” He paused to think, then shortly nodded his head. “The fact that I can't do anything is really killing me inside...” “Ray, you did something. You told someone. That's the hardest step, and after that, things will get so much better and easier.” I explained.

Famous Living Dead (part 38)

Ray's P.O.V:
“Ray, just tell me, what's going on?” Gerard questioned as he scooted closer to me. “Uh.. um... well...” I promised myself I wouldn't tell anyone. I couldn't either, It'd just give me too much pain. I made a promise to myself that I would pretend she never existed anymore. Forgetting is the best way to make the pain go away... right?

Gerard's P.O.V:
I knew he was hiding something, and it was killing him inside. “Look Ray, I've been in your position several times before, trust me; keeping it bottled up inside doesn't help, it just makes things worse. A LOT worse.

Famous Living Dead (part 37)

Ray's P.O.V:
After all the guys left, I sneaked into the van so I could have time to myself. To just be, alone. Simply that. But you never get what you want. When I thought that I could finally have some peace, Gerard crawled into the van, and sat down next to me. “Gerard.” I annoyingly sighed. “Can I be alone for just a little bit?” I begged. “That's why I came here. I don't want you to be alone.” He placed his only hand on my shoulder, from there on, things got awkwarder.

Gerard's P.O.V:
I was trying to repay Ray, for all the shit I've dumped on him.

Famous Living Dead (part 36)

Frank's P.O.V:
“Canned food again??” I groaned as Ray tossed me a can of corn for breakfast. “We're poor Frank, we can't afford anything else.” Ray mothered. “Neh neh we're poooor as fuck Frank, we can only afford to eat shiiiiiit. Neh neh neeehhh.” I mocked behind Ray's back. His head slowly turned over his shoulder. “What did you just say?” “Nothing.” I mumbled under my breath. “That's what I thought.” He said. I snatched the can opener from Gerard's hand, and opened up my can of corn. “Mmmm, can you smell the freshness?!” I sarcastically commented as I shoved my nose in the can.

Famous Living Dead (part 35)

Frank's P.O.V:
Gerard lied on the moist grass with me. We were side to side, his chest glued to mine, and our faces turned towards each other. I counted each tiny breath he took.
“Frank?” “Yes?” “Do you ever wish we could just escape all of this, and live somewhere else? With no problems, worries, fears... zombies?” Gerard lightly asked. “I wish it all the time Gee.” He looked down, and began to think. After several silent minutes, he finally spoke. “I think we should put everything behind us, and just move on.” His words shocked me.


okay, i doubt anyone will bother to read this, but i have a slightest bit of faith that someone will, and maybe they'll be able to save me....

okay, so i have this really douchey, clingy (but kinda sweet?....) bf that i want to break up with right, right now, and all of my friends say i should. the only thing thats stopping me, is his life.

Famous Living Dead (part 34)

Frank's P.O.V:
“Gerard, be realistic here.” I said as I placed my hand on his warm shoulder. “No!” He snarled as he shook my hand off. “I'm serious here.” He deeply sighed. “You really wanna... die together?” “Yes Frank! I have no purpose in life anymore! Zombie slaying isn't enough for me. Back when I had Josie, I used to think that I was going to have this huge responsibility when I became a father. I really wanted to have a family with Josie, and live my entire life with her... But then ALL that shit happened, and it really burned me out, ya know?

Famous Living Dead (part 33)

Frank's P.O.V:
“Do you remember Gee?” I broke the silence. “Do you remember those days?” Gerard didn't look at me, but he nodded. His eyes were locked on the ground. Unblinking. His lips were slightly open, enough to exhale air with. “Frankie?” He spoke. “Yes?” “I want to go back.” He barely moved his lips. “I know Gee, I know.” I could see tears forming in his unmoving eyes, and soon, I felt tears come to mine. “GODAMMIT FRANK! I WANT TO FUCKING GO BACK!” Gerard unexceptionably screamed at the sky.

Famous Living Dead (part 32)

Frank's P.O.V:
“No!!!” I yelled. Everyone looked at me. “This is OUR group. JUST the guys, remember??” I defended. “But Frank, she can help us! We need all the help we can get.” Ray said. “And she can keep us some company.” Mikey added, as he continued to stare and smile at Zoe. She blushed. “But guuuuyysss!!!” I whined. “I guess Frank has a point... And we haven't even asked Zoe if she wanted to join us.” Gerard spoke. “Well, do you?” Mikey asked, with a tint of begging. She bit her lip, and stared at the tree from which I had fallen from. “Sure. Why not?” She looked up, and smiled at Mikey.

Famous Living Dead (part 31)

Frank's P.O.V:
“Now!” Zoe announced in my ear. “Huh?” “JUMP!” She whooped as she gracefully slid down the tree with her MK 47 attached to her back. A little impressed, I tried to immediate her exact moves. I placed my left foot on one of the lower branches, making sure it was strong enough to support me. Once I was sure, I jumped out to the branch, and clasped on to the trunk. My stomach scratched against the rough surface of the bark, and scrapped some of my skin, even after all the layers of gear I had on.