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SiNgItFoRtHeWoRld123's blog

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Happy Birthday Frank!

You inspire me so fucking much, and I just wanna say thank you... Thank you for even existing! You've taught me so many things through your music and actions, and it's changed me :) I play guitar, and once I earn enough money to pay for a electric guitar and amp, I'm gonna rock out like you and study your every move ;)
Thanks for being you, thanks for being FRANK IERO.

Artistic Agony x_x

P.S, drew the picture during 1st hour ^-^

Random Drawing

I finished this last night ^-^

-Artistic Agony x_x

The moment when you're at a lame party and you decide to ditch it and walk home...

My friend and I were at this Halloween party -___- and there was ONE huge clique of "popular girls" *gag*, some 6th graders, and us. NO ONE even said "hi" to us, much less LOOK at us. So after sitting on the couch for 45 minutes, and eating slices of cold pizza, we decided to ditch the party and walk home...
But then my friend realized she left her bandana on the table, so we walked up there again, sneaked back in, and took it. No one even noticed -.-
When I got home, my mom yelled at me because 1. it was pitch black outside, and 2. my mom thinks im already "anti-social"........ I'M NOT

Homophobia is GAY

My friend Hope made this shirt for me (on the back is says All You Need Is Love) I wore it proudly to school today, and I received many compliments! But there were a few people who made fun of me... :'( Anyway, I did this paper on Gay Marriage, and Hope was my partner, so we wore matching shirts today ^-^

-Artistic Agony x_x

I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow and Famous Living Dead fanfics...

This blog is mainly for my readers, so I just wanna say thanks. To everyone. One. Of. You. You guys have.. AGH! I don't know how to explain it words... You've given me so much support while I was writing my fanfics!! And I've made so many great friends during the process <3
The best part of writing those fanfics was reading all the comments after every time I posted. It made me wanna make every part better than the last, and I loved seeing your guy's reactions and messing up things in the stories so you guys would freak out ^-^
Sadly, I don't think I'm going to write anymore fanfics until

Famous Living Dead (part 42)

Heeyyy guys! This is sadly, the last part of FLD! I just wanna say thanks to all my readers, and all the support you guys have given me!! I also wanna say thanks to Mia and Zoe for helping me when I was feeling shitty, and for all the ideas ^-^
Sooooo thanks guys!! :)
-Artistic Agony x_x

Mikey's P.O.V:
“Burn her!” I yelled at Frank, Ray, and Gerard. “What?!” I could see Ray mouth. “Burn the fucking body. She'll turn into a zombie anyway.” I heartlessly said. Frank just nodded. He slowly stumbled towards me, while Gerard and Ray stayed behind. “Do you want me to do it?” He gently asked.

Famous Living Dead (part 41)

Mikey's P.O.V:
His grip around my collar got tighter, and he pulled me in closer. His lips were touching my ear, and his sweat and dirt rubbed off on me. “You're going to get killed.” He hissed. I knew he was right, but at the moment I didn't give a fuck. “NOO! She can't die Frank! She CAN'T.” I screamed. I pulled out the .45 from my holster that I have never used before and pointed it at Frank. “Either way, you're going to let go of me.” I coldly said, with the gun shaking in my hand. “You wouldn't.” Frank spat, readjusting his grip on my collar. I placed my trembling finger on the trigger.


The Black Parade is by FAAAAARRRRR my favorite MCR album!! ^-^ I love everything about that era, and WTTBP was the first MCR song I ever heard :)

P.S, the first pic is a water color painting I made, and the second one is just a tribute to WTTBP.

-Artistic Agony x_x

Moikey ^-^

Not very proportional I know... but I drew it after an exam I took in school... oh well.

-Artistic Agony x_x

Famous Living Dead (part 40)

Gerard's P.O.V:
“Ray, I'm just so, soo sorry.” I quietly said, staring at his feet. “I know.” He nodded. I slowly looked up, surprised to not see him crying. “Aren't you sad Ray?” I asked, embarrassed that I was shedding tears, and not him. “Of course.” He replied. “Then... why aren't you crying?” I awkwardly asked. “There's nothing worth crying for Gerard. If I cry, it's going to make things worse. It's going to bring back all those painful feelings, and I will do ANYTHING to keep those away.” He swallowed. I clamped my eyes shut, preventing the tears from coming out.