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Art is the Weapon c:

I made these during art class, I have "advanced art," which sounds special, but it really isn't... i just don't have to follow the normal class, and get to make whatever my creepy, twisted mind desires ^_^

don't ya just love that?

Song Review- 21 Guns (for Atomic Explosion)

21 Guns:
There's a reason why I wrote these lyrics down on a piece of paper and taped them to my poster-covered wall. Green Day is just one of those bands who really make you look at yourself and who you are. They make you want to rebel against everything and everyone you know. 21st Century Breakdown takes you on a journey of pain, tempered with love. One of Green Day's best ballads is 21 Guns. It sums up the journey that this beautiful, one-of-a-kind albums takes you on. The message of love between the two characters of the album, Christan and Gloria shines through the lyrics.

Song Review- Vendetta by Slipknot (for MCRfreak_forREVer)

As a person who has never listened to Slipknot, I'm pretty... "wow-ed." The first 35 seconds deliver a heavy dose of intense of drumming and guitar, that carries on throughout the entire song. Just sitting here, listening to this song makes me want to run outside with a chainsaw. It has this crazy energy that satisfies my wild side.

Song Review-Kill All Your Friends and My Way Home Is Through You (for Venom Viper)

Kill All Your Friends:
It's easy to turn up the volume, sing alone to, and just dance around the room while you're listening to Kill All Your Friends by MCR. This song is steady, and up-beat, with powerful lyrics that not only make you want to swing your head from side to side, but also makes you want to rebel against society.

My Way Home Is Through You:
As soon as you click the play button, My Way Home Is Through You by MCR makes you want to headbang along. Gerard's voice and the fast moving guitar power chords are simply... Bad. Ass.

Song Reviews

I'm in the mood to write something... so leave me your favorite song (MCR or not) and I'll write a review about it :)

Love Always,
Artistic Agony

I found Ray Toro's doppleganger! O.o

I saw this pizza delivery guy today that looked just like Ray Toro :D he had the stubble, the face, and an AFRO! But it was tied back...

I tried to take a picture... but he was already gone... :/

North Amerifuck.

My friend showed me this, and wow... it's pretty heavy. Just look at everything, and soak it up.... it's so disturbing, so sick, but so beautiful.

Love always,
Artistic Agony

We Came As Romans

Anyone like them? orrr Asking Alexandria, or D.R.U.G.S?

Anyway, this was in one of their albums... it's creepy, looks interesting, so why not draw it? ^_^

Love always,
Artisitc Agony

Marionettes of Fear

Hey guys, here's a short story I wrote. It's about five teens who go camping, and they get trapped there. Then, one of teens is found hanging from a rope, and things just go downhill from there ... Heh... tell me what you think, criticize me, message me about it, I don't care. I'd just like some feedback :)

Gerard's P.O.V:
The tall iron gate slammed in front of us, I felt as if we were inmates in prison for a lifelong sentence. The driver locked the gate, and speedily huddled back into his car.


I hate people who make fun of me because I love My Chem... I'm sure many of you guys go through this too :/
In my locker I have a ton of MCR lyrics, quotes, and drawings attached by magnets, and EVERY morning when I open my locker they all fall out because SOME asshole decided to kick my locker, making all the magnets fall down.
I know it's small, and easy to fix, but it just hurts..

Anyway, here's a picture of my amazing Les Paul. His name is Jude <3

Love always,
Artistic Agony