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SiNgItFoRtHeWoRld123's blog

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Killjoys, I need help!

so i have to write this poem for school, and i decided to write a poem about Gerard Way. So i need to find other names for Gerard Way. So far I have Gee, and Party Poison, any other ideas???

Is it just me, or is the "cool" music these days getting shittier, and shittier? I mean peoples like Lady Gaga, Usher, Taio Cruz, Kesha all that shit. What happened to all the crappy rock/heavy metal bands??? Or legends like Queen, or The Beatles??? Or all the music that used to have soul and passion??? Now all people are singing about is getting drunk and hooking up with chicks. I miss REAL music!!!


i miss this side of my chem...

losers unite

its just one of those days where i feel like im a loser. im tired, its been raining all fucking day, its one of those me vs. the world type of days, and im still depressed from saturday. MCR came to grand rapids, and i only live 2 hours away from grand rapids. after reading all the fan reports, i just wanna hang myself. i wanna take a nice long nap. anyone with me?


i wake up this morning, and open my curtains and i see fucking SNOW. its spring break!!! why is it snowing??? yesterday was like 55 degrees (F), and last sunday was a nice 80 degrees! i was already sick and tired from the snow in winter, why does it have to snow in spring? i dont understand weather. i dont understand MICHIGAN weather.
did anything like this happen to anyone else?? -.-

the bright and beautiful moon

so here i am on this lonely, boring, music-filled sunday night, and i look out the window and guess what i see? you guessed it. the bright and beautiful moon. its so big, and bright, and BEAUTIFUL! i feel stupid rambling on about the moon, but it fascinates me so much! am i the only freak who likes the moon?

My Chem Poem

Heres a poem i wrote about My Chem:

I cannot explain in words,
how much MCR has inspired me.
They taught me to be myself, create music, and to be free.
Each one of their songs has connected with me
in a very unique and special way.
From Welcome to the Black Parade, Sing, or I'm not Okay.
They taught me to see in different eyes,
to look at the world and realize,
that I have to make a change.
I don't care what others think of me,
or if they believe I'm strange.
I'm proud to be me,
and I want the whole world to see,
the message MCR gives,
to the world where we live.
My Chemical Romance has made

Thank you for the Venom, Valencia

this is awesome, i love it when gerard starts jumping up and down near the end, and frank is just a sweet guitarist. does anyone know what time its going to be on??? i probably already missed it... shit. ok whatevs, but this video is still awesome XD

My Chem tshirts!

I got these tshirts a couple weeks ago at hot topic!! i love these sooooooooo much, i like wear them every day with my converse! I don't care what others think of me. LOVE MCR!

Kill all your friends!