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i'm a trouble maker :(

In class today we had a substitute, and he was such a lame ass. Our whole class was so noisy, and everyone was talking. So I was talking to my friend and he looks at me and says:
"Young lady! Turn AROUND!"
It was so unfair because everyone else was talking, and he just "decided" to pick on me. So I turned around. Then a couple minutes later, I look at my friend Hunter, and then the sub is like:
"If I catch you talking one more time, you're gonna sit up here!"
Then I said:
Then he said:
"Don't talk back to me! If you really want to, I'll make you sit near my desk!"


This is great :D

Someone posted this the other day, and I thought this was just awesome! I love this song xD

Gerard has the same microphone that's on my picture.... mwhahaha

On Stranger Tides

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is coming out May 20!
I've been a fan for so long, and I practically know all the lines. Yes, I'm a freak.
Johnny Depp is such an amazing actor. He puts twist, and originality to all his movies, like Public Enemies, Edward Scissorhands, or in this case, Pirates of the Caribbean. Oh how I love drunk pirates ;)

Hey I was wondering, if anyone knows what 21 Jump Street was........

Hugs and slaps to all ;)

Dude, seriously? Is anyones school like this?

My friend (and everyone else in school) told me about the 8th grader who got pregnant. This disappoints me :(

Our school is filled with so many bad kids. We have the druggies, the sluts, the drop outs, the players, etc etc blah blah blah.

I can sometimes tolerate these people, but the people I can't tolerate are the 7th graders who think they're "so" hot. They wear thongs! And they wear booty shorts in gym, you can literally see their ass hanging out. They also have HUGE boobs. It looks like they got a breast implant or something, its disgusting.

Any clarinet players??? i'm lonely here :(

Hey guys. I'm pretty sure there is NO one who plays the clarinet.

If there is, are there any songs by MCR that I can play?????? Because would LOVE too. But I'm pretty sure no one knows how though.......


Thanks guys :)

Happiness is a Warm Gun (bang bang shoot shoot)

Please listen to this song. I like it a lot. Let me know what you think about it!
The ending is nice XD At 1:35, my fav part starts.

Martha My Dear is sooo bad ass. No, not really. But its a good song. So is Yer Blues!!! Any Beatles fan knows that Rocky Raccoon is seriously BAD-ASS. Paul's fake western accent in the beginning sucks. Sorry Paul. mwhahaha

I love The Beatles. They basically introduced me to music, which is how I discovered MCR!
Ohhhh how I love The Beatles, but I love My Chemical Romance too :)

I wore my MCR shirt today. And I wore it with pride ;)

Heres a cheesy joke my

Read this, and tell me if its fair

This has been bothering me for a while, and I just have to share it.

I have these four "friends" that I hang out with sometimes, and they make fun of me for lame-ass reasons.

First of all they make fun of: my style, the clothes I wear, the music I listen to, the art I make, the books I read, the movies I watch, my sense of humor, my make-up and a lot of other things. Now tell me, am I supposed to change MYSELF to make them happy? Hell no!

Second of all, I try to be nice to them, and they treat me like shit! Is that fair? No I don't think so. "Treat hate with love", I know.

dark alley woo hoo

my friends and i were exploring downtown Ann Arbor (who ever knows where that is, kudos to you) and we went into this dark alley with graffiti all over. it was like a tourist attraction!! everyone was taking pictures and shit. it was crazy!

there was so much broken beer bottles, and it smelled like wet hobo, and piss.....

anyway.... it was really cool XD

This is a song you should listen to when you want to stab some one

Hey everybody, I FINALLY got The Black Parade. So now I have all of MCR's Cd's! :D

Anyway, this song is called Mother Murder by Hollywood Undead. I listen to it when i'm super pissed. The begging is weird, but it gets better. Tell me what you guys think about it.

Another song by Hollywood Undead that I like is Bullet. Anyone know this song?

Hugs and slaps to all :)

who cares

i have to do this group project about artisans in ancient egypt and im working with my friend erin, and these two other dumb asses who dont do anything! erin and I do ALL the work. im just so stressed. its so much work, and we have to present on monday and we're not even done yet. i KNOW we are going to get a shitty grade, and i'm those type of people who starts freaking out if they get a B.
im listening to MCR to try to calm me down.
and my mom is pissed at me. i dont know why though....
ive been so depressed lately.

siggghhh. i need a hug right now