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SiNgItFoRtHeWoRld123's blog

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MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE IS COMING TO DETROIT, MICHIGAN ON SEPTEMBER 11!!!!!!!! and my birthday is september 2nd :)
any other killjoys in michigan??

i'm very happy right now xD

Why does everyone think MCR is emo? It annoys the living shit out of me -.-

I showed my friends the drawing I made, and they were like "Another MCR drawing??!?!? You are so obsessed!!! You have to STOP drawing all those pictures." Seriously? You're telling ME, that I have to STOP drawing things???

My classmates think MCR is emo, because they dress all "gothish" and they put black make up all over their eyes and blah blah blah. It's their style of music. What's SO hard of ACCEPTING that? MCR has saved my life, so they shouldn't be judging them, and think they're "corrupt."

The last thing that really, really pissed me off, is that my friends keep saying I'm too

Gerard! :D

Hey Killjoys, I'm not really done with this picture, but I really wanted to post it.

I'm pretty bad at drawing eyes, so that's why they're kinda messed up..... sorry about that....

Anyway, tell me what you guys think! I wanna improve my drawings :)

Thanks guys!

Oh! I also drew a picture of Frankie if you'd like to check it out on my blog xD

yeah, so what IS your favorite color??

Happy Ferard-Friday btw! And happy birthday Lyn-z!!

It's a Zombie-Gerard! "COFFEE!! raaawwrrrr"

I'm reading this book called FEED, and its about zombies! xD Its such a bad-ass book and I love it. Yeah, yeah I know: "WTF? Shes reading a book?!?!" well suck it. Cuz I love books.

I have to make a diorama from a main event in the book (i'm gonna make the zombie attack part). If you didn't know, a diorama is a 3-D model, typically made in a show box. Well, I'm gonna make some zombies from clay, but i have one question... How the hell do you make a zombie out of clay??? Does anyone have tips, or advice or something?

MCR Lyric Quiz xD

Hey guys, so I'm gonna write some random MCR lyrics and you guys have to guess what song it is! It's pretty easy though....

1. We can leave this world,
Leave it all behind,
We can steal this car if your folks don't mind,
We can live forever if you've got the time.

2. To un-explain the unforgivable,
Drain all the blood and give the kids a show.
By streetlight this dark night,
A seance down below.

3. Trust, you said
Who put the words in your head
Oh how wrong we were to think
That immortality meant never dying

4. I will avenge my ghost with every breath I take
I'm coming back from the dead and

Frankie! :D

This is my first time posting a drawing that I made!
I love drawing portraits of MCR, and this time I drew Frank

Sorry that the paper is kinda bent near his lip....

Tell me what you guys think!

Hugs and slaps to all :)

Salad Fingers

This video creeps me out. Its just so weird.

And I'm home alone, which makes things worse.....

Ugh, It's just so strange!

WTF?? Merg!

So a couple minutes ago I heard Sing on the radio (yay, so happy xD) BUT I didn't hear the part when its like:

"Cleaned-up, corporation progress
Dying in the process
Children that can talk about it
Living on the webways
People moving sideways
Sell it till your last days
Buy yourself the motivation" etc etc.

I texted my friend and she told me that sometimes radio stations shorten up songs.... or did they take it out because of what glenn beck said???

What did i do?

my mom got really pissed at me. and i have no idea what i did. then she left the house. 30 minutes later she comes back. i try to apologize to her (for whatever i did) and she kept on saying "its too late. its too late."
then i try to apologize some more, and she wont even talk to me.

now shes talking to my dad and exaggerating the story to try and make ME look bad. are you fucking kidding me? im just so frustrated and tired of this bullshit.