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SiNgItFoRtHeWoRld123's blog

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Soooo is the music video for Bulletproof Heart coming out tomorrow??
And is it with Killjoys??

i feel so bad....

im using the school computer to post a blog! im feel like a bad kid.... my friend paul says i am.
mwhaha i love being a bad kid XD

it never gets old :)

whenever i wear my MCR t-shirts to school, i get this weird, funny feeling in my stomach, then i start smiling a lot, then i start giggling like a little 2 year old.
i loves it :)

yeah! lets kiss their batteries! and lets fuck this whole wide world!

I love Penecy Prep :D

This song is called 19 and its by Penecy Prep, Frank Iero's former band!
I wish Gerard and Frank would do a duet... haha that'd be amazing :)

yee :)

i've been waiting 3 years for this episode!!
salad fingers is awesome! and i love his vocabulary! and all the random/creepy things he does....
if you skip to 4:06, there's this really weird and nasty part...


I really wanna get a hair cut, because im tired of my style. I have short, flat, brown hair, with a little bit of layers, and side bangs.

So what do you think I should do with it? What style should I have?

oh, btw, my hair is wet in the picture... but when its dry its usually straight.
Thanks Killjoys! :D

Happy Birthday Bandit! <3

All the killjoys here love you a ton, and we wish you an awesome b-day! :^D

Are schools supposed to flood?

Today was raining so fucking hard! That our school actually began to flood. All the hallways were soaking wet.

I had to stay in band (which is my 2nd hour) for about 3 hours because the teachers had to clean up the hallways. We weren't allowed to leave the room x(

Finally, we were allowed to eat lunch. Then I had to go to math, and my social studies teacher was walking barefoot, because he had to make a ditch for this sump-pump thing?? Idk, all i know is that he was barefoot..... it made me jealous!

We also had to stay 10 minutes after school because it was raining so hard.

I had to run to

Questions about the Honda Civic Tour!

Hey guys, I have a couple questions about the Honda Civic tour.

1. Is it for all ages? Cuz I'm planning to go to the Detroit concert, and I'm 13.

2. What's up with the whole presale thing? What is that? And how do you get it?

3. How much does it cost? And how do you get the best seats?

Thanks guys. Happy Tuesday btw :)