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SiNgItFoRtHeWoRld123's blog

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This video kinda reminds me of the Teenagers music video :D

So what's your favorite band(s) besides MCR??

Mine are Nirvana, Queen, and The Beatles, and these are my favorite albums that they made ;)

MCR was influenced by them.... just sayin :P

-Artistic Agony x_x


Aha, I just had to post it :)

I have a question..... who hates spammers???
-I DO!
wanna shove a pitchfork up their ass???
wanna slam their heads in a car door???
-it would be kinda violent... but, YEAH!!
wanna let Ray and Frank smash guitars on their heads???
wanna let Gerard suck their blood???
-suck my blood Gee....
wanna let Mikey go all "martial arts" on them???

anyone else?
grrrr me hates them spammers >.<

Gerard the Turtle!

My mom's friend found an eastern painting turtle in her back yard (weird, right?) and she gave it to us. I named him GERARD (cuz he's a painting turtle, heh heh, yeahh.....)

He kept on tipping his bucket over, and escaping. He was running around my whole backyard, and believe me: TURTLES ARE FAAAAAST XD

My friend (the one in the gray) and I let him go in a near by pond. I think Gerard is really happy now ;)

Ohhhhh, I miss the little guy. GOOD LUCK GERARD!!!

-Artistic Agony x_x

Nom nom nom

I know Gerard and Frank smoke. But do Ray and Mikey smoke too????
I'm sad that Gee and Frankie do :'(

-Artistic Agony x_x

Frerard Short Story #2

Hey motor babies! Here's another Freard short story. I know it's kinda long, but bear with me, I think you guys will like it ;)
I wrote another one a couple days ago, if you wanna check it out :)
And sorry if this offends anyone, ya know the main shit.
-Artistic Agony x_x

Frank's P.O.V:
Gee and I decided to meet up at the bar to celebrate tonight's gig. I strutted through the open wide, aged doors of the bar. My spirits were high, and I felt like I was the king of the world, until I saw Gerard. He was slobbered across the pool table, attempting the flirt with the waitress.

Ferard Short Story

I was pretty bored so I decided to type this up, it's a Ferard short story (if you havent already read the title....) haha, so tell me what you guys think :) And uh, sorry if this offends anyone, or somethin.

-Atistic Agony x_x

Me..... as a KILLJOY!

So this is my Killjoy drawing! I know the background is kinda uhhh... empty... But I was too lazy to draw/color a background, so I guess this is it :P

Maybe when I feel a little less lazy I could make a background, any ideas here????

Hope you enjoy :)
-Artistic Agony x_x

(oh, and that little line next to the word "symptom" is a mistake.... haha I accidentally dropped my marker... so thats why it's there :P)

Was that really necessary?

So apparently, some fan decided to lick Frank's face. You dont like someones face, ESPECIALLY Frank's!!! I think it would be pretty nasty if some one licked YOUR face....

Yeah I know there are some pretty crazy/wild fans, and everyone loves Frank :) but licking is just weird... and now they banned hugs, so we can't hug MCR anymore :(

Frank has gone through a lot lately, the jail petition thing, people posting pictures of his daughters, and now THIS! I mean, Frank is awesome and hot and all, but licking his face is taking it was too far. For God's sake, this man deserves to have SOME dignity!

Weird coffee taste??

My friend bought a mocha-frappe today, and it honestly tasted like cigarettes. Not that I smoke or anything, but it literally smelled and tasted like cigarettes!

It was really strange.... we called it the crappe frappe, and the crappy frappy. yeahhhh we have fun making names for objects :P

So tell me guys, is there anything you've drunken, drank, WTF with all this grammar shit! anyway.... heh... is there anything you've eaten/drank that tasted a little bit funky?

-Artistic Agony x_x

Watercolor MCR paintings

I usually never paint because I prefer to draw, but for some reason I decided to paint with watercolors.. :)

I made these two, and I still have to do the painting for Three Cheers, and The Black Parade.
On the Bullets one, the bottom says Merci Pour Le Venin, sorry if you can't read that..

So, tell me what you think! I'm not much of a painter :P

-Artistic Agony x_x