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I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow (part 21)

Frank's P.O.V:
“What were you thinking??” Mikey hissed in my ear as we left the bar. “I have no fucking idea.” I honestly said. “Then why, WHY did you promise Josie you aren't going to tell Gerard?? The kid isn't even his!” Mikey whined. “Everyone deserves a second chance.” “She doesn't! Frank, we're talking about Josie here. The girl who gets pregnant, uses Gerard, and sleeps with another man!” Mikey defended. “Give her a chance. She's gonna change... She has too.” He stared at me in awe. “I thought you were the 'revenge' type. No mercy at all.” He sassed.

I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow (part 20)

Sorry guys, I would of posted this earlier, but I slept over at my friends house and I just got back. And now I have to leave to go to my friend's play >.<

Mikey's P.O.V:
My hand was glued to my head, easing some of the pain. I removed it to check how I was doing. My palm was covered with blood. The irony smell rushed up my nose, making me gag. I placed my hand onto my head once again, and lay still on the floor, watching Frank. Josie crept up behind him and furiously started slapping him. “What are you doing?” He said raising a brow. “Taking.” She breathed. “My anger.” Again.

I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow (part 19)

Frank's P.O.V:
We drove back home after packing the boxes into the car. Mikey and I transferred them into my house.
“Do you uh, want to go out for a drink after this?” He suddenly asked as we pulled the last neatly packed box out of the trunk. I hesitated, but quickly responded. “Sure. I need to get drunk and forget about everything.” I chuckled.

I walked in, and Mikey trailed behind. The lights were dim. Barely enough to be able to see with, but I could tell there were a lot of people here. The stench of beer and cigarettes swam in my nose. “Home.” I said to myself. “What?” Mikey asked.

I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow (part 18)

Frank's P.O.V:
(The next morning)
I slowly unbuckled my belt, and peeled off my shirt followed by my pants. I threw them on the counter while I stared at myself in the mirror, with only my boxers on. I looked old. Fucking old. My hair was a complete mess, the result of not brushing it for weeks I guess. I had a slight beard and mustache growing, and I smelled horrible. I felt bad for Mikey, having to look at me like this. I slowly pulled down my boxers and threw them on top of my other clothes. I turned on the water, letting it steam before I was ready to take a shower.

I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow (part 17)

Frank's P.O.V:
He's not dead. Thank God he's not dead. I have no idea what I would of done with my life. Gerard had been in the hospital for the last two and a half weeks. He's in a coma. A fucking coma. Mikey told me that his right arm and shoulder are broken, as well as his right leg, he has several broken ribs, and internal bleeding. When the car hit him, his forehead smashed against the cement, cracking his skull which led him into the coma. I'm not allowed to see him in the hospital because of the little “fight” I had with the paramedics, and the Way family. Bullshit.

The only words

I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow (part 16)

Hey guys, I was listening to this song when I was re-reading part 16, and I gotta say it's a good fit. So if you want to, just listen to the song while reading this, it sounds pretty neat :P
-Artistic Agony x_x

Frank's P.O.V:
I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. “Frank?” An unfamiliar voice said. I ignored it, all I could focus on was Gerard. My beautiful, lovely, lifeless Gerard. I held him in my arms, protecting him from this cruel, cold world. “Let go.” The voice sounded stricter. “No.” I simply said.

I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow (part 15)

Frank's P.O.V:
My anger had cooled down in the couple of minutes where I was left alone. I focused on my throbbing hand, it was sore from punching the wall. Gingerly, I poked it. “Ow! Shit.” My mind quickly shifted from my aching hand, to the voice that was calling me. “FRANK!” Mikey screamed from downstairs. I had never heard Mikey use such a panicked voice. I quickly walked downstairs, awaiting to see what he had to say. “FRANK!” He ran up to me. His tears burned me as he lay his head on my shoulders. Awkwardly, I hugged him. Mikey tightly wrapped his arms around me.

I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow (part 14)

Frank's P.O.V:
I just sat there. Curled up in a ball in the corner of the room. Trying to fight back my tears, but failing miserably. “Uh Frank?” Mikey said softly. “GO!” I screamed at him. He slowly backed away, and shut the door as he left. I could hear him calling after Gerard. Anger rushed up and down every limb, every muscle, every vein. I bit my arm hoping that it would quiet my gasps between the sobbing. “Why?” I whimpered to myself. I weakly stood up, and wiped my tears away. I shut my eyes, and clenched my fists. Anger was bursting out of me as I punched the wall.

Happy International My Chemical Romance Day! (whoa..... that's a mouth-full!)

It's been 10 AWESOME years XD Happy IMCRD my little Killjoys!

I made this collage for MCR because I can't find posters where I live... :(
Hope you likey :P

Today I'm gonna make some MCR art, play some of their songs on my guitar, and I'm wearing my California 2019 tshirt!

Love you all!
-Artistic Agony x_x

I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow (part 13)

Gerard's P.O.V:
I fumbled with my keys, and slowly turned the door knob. “Home!” I yelled, letting my parents, or whoever was home know that I had arrived. Swiftly, I rushed up the stairs, hoping to see Mikey there. He had borrowed my jacket the other day, and it needed it back. I walked down the narrow hallway, and towards Mikey's room. I reached down on the golden door knob, and slowly rotated it. Turning, turning, open.

Frank's P.O.V:
I rammed my tongue down Mikey's throat, as his fingers climbed up my shirt. He swiftly pulled it over my head and tossed it on the bed. “Fetch” He grinned.