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SiNgItFoRtHeWoRld123's blog

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Famous Living Dead (part 1) <-- New fanfic

Hey guys, this is my new fanfic! It's a sequel to my last fanfic, but if you read this, you'll be caught up :)
This is a zombie apocolpyse fanfic. I hope you like it!
-Artistic Agony x_x

Frank's P.O.V:
The sky suddenly darkened, and a strong gust of wind blew in our already cold faces. Gerard almost toppled over, but he took over his balance, and wrapped his coat tighter around him. “We should eave.” Gerard suggested. “Aw, come on! It's just a little wind.” I snickered.

I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow (part 51) <--- LAST PART! :')

Heyy guys, this is (sadly) the last part of I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow!! I've had sooooooo much fun writing this fanfic, and reading all your guy's comments! ;) I just wanna say thanks for reading my fanfic, and supporting me as a writer! (yes, cheesy as hell... but I really mean it! :3)
I hope you guys'll read the sequel!! It's gonna be called Famous Living Dead, and I'll probably post it tomorrrow. It's gonna be kinda... different, and I think you guys will like it ;)
-Artistic Agony x_x

Frank's P.O.V:
“The weather doesn't look too good Frank.” Gerard noted as he looked out of the car

I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow (part 50)

Gerard's P.O.V:
I guess I can speak for Mikey AND Frank, when I say I've always wanted to see Jessica dead. We were piling into the car, when Mikey stopped. “Uh, I don't want to do this anymore.” He confessed. Frank turned around. “What do you mean?” He questioned. “I don't want to get like... caught or anything.” Mikey slowly said. “WIMP!” I teased. “Gerard, stop it.” Frank hushed. “It's okay Mikes, I understand.” Frank smiled. “Thanks Frank. I'm glad you understand me, NOT like Gerard here.” I stuck my tongue out at him. He pushed me in return. “Bye guys.” Mikey snickered at me.

The only place where I actually fit in...

Is Hot Topic (and this site :3) Yes, it sounds really stupid but it's true. I went to the mall yesterday with my friends (who don't understand my personality -.-) and I dragged them into Hot Topic. I was gonna get this Blink 182 bracelet, and this girl randomly starts talking to me about the Honda Civic Tour! :D I bought a MCR shirt, and this other girl starts talking to me about The Umbrella Academy! Those people were outsiders like me, and they were so, so, sooooooo friendly! Unlike my other "friends." I am a bit miserable right now, because none of my friends FULLY understand ME.


I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow (part 49)

Hey guys, I normally don't post this early, much less get UP this early ;) but I'm leaving for Kentucky soon. So, here ya go.

Gerard's P.O.V:
The door slowly creaked open. Fuck. It was Frank and Mikey. “Hey Gee.” Mikey softly said. He walked towards the bed, where I was laying down, and awkwardly hugged me. I squirmed away from his sympathy-filled hug. “Stop it.” I snarled. “Gerard, we just want to help you. You've been through a lot.” Frank frowned. “Fake sympathy won't 'help' me.” I snapped. “It wasn't fake Gee. I really meant it.” Mikey warmly smiled.

Random trip...

For some odd, and totally random reason, I'm going to Kentucky tomorrow. Idk if I should be excited or not... anyway, I'll be back Thursday! C: And I'll try my hardest to get on this site and POST MAH FANFIC!!

Oh! And ALLLLL of my thoughts and prayers go for the people in the east coast! Stay strong Killjoys! <3

-Artistic Agony x_x

I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow (part 48)

Gerard's P.O.V:
“Fucking bitch.” I grumbled as Frank led me out the door. “Get off me.” I snarled. I shook his warm hand off my shoulder. Frank immediately stared at his feet, and faintly nodded.
We drove home in a silent car ride. I had so much anger running through my veins, I could hardly even think, much less speak. When we arrived home, I ran upstairs to my room, and slammed the door shut, letting everyone know that I didn't want to be bothered. I didn't want to speak to anyone, hear anyone, or even look at anyone.

I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow (part 47)

Frank's P.O.V:
I looked into Dr. Reed's eyes. They were filled with discomfort. “What could be worse than this?” Gerard sniffed as he rubbed Josie's hand with his thumb. Dr. Reed heavily sighed. “I'm afraid that Josie's child...” She paused. It was the loudest pause I've ever heard. “...didn't make it. She was born with anecephaly.” As soon as I heard the news I sat down beside Gerard. He immediately dug his head deep into my sternum. I cuddled my arms around him, and whispered comforting words in his ear, but you could still hear Gerard's muffled sobs from my chest. Dr.

I Live for Today, Not Tomorrow (part 46)

Frank's P.O.V:
I was wondering why Gerard was taking so long. I walked down the white hallway with my hands in my pockets. I could tell I wasn't getting anywhere near close to 16c. I was lost. I looked for someone to ask for directions, but all the hallways were empty. It was like a ghost town in this hospital. Suddenly, from around the corner, I could see a woman walking towards me. She wore a white lab coat, so she must of worked here. The woman had long, shiny blond hair, that blew behind her as she walked. She wore glasses, but her amazing green eyes shone through. I ran up to her.

I Live for Today, not Tomorrow (part 45)

Gerard's P.O.V:
I ran down the hallway towards 16c. It seemed as the white walls were closing down on me. They were getting longer, and longer, narrower, and narrower, but mostly, more frightening. I felt like a child in the dark all over again. My anger was taking over me, and I couldn't think. Things that I could yell at Josie were rushing though my mind, 100 miles per hour... I snapped back to reality once I saw Josie's room. It was all silent, which I thought was pretty odd considering she was in labor. I stood outside the door, staring at my feet and working up the nerve to yell at her.