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Famous Living Dead (part 9)

Ray's P.O.V:
As soon as Frank saw Gerard and I walk out of the woods, he threw blood tests at us. “Here.” He said. I peeled off the package, and held the white box in my hand. “Do these have proper names?” Gerard asked me. “You seem to be the most knowledged about zombies out of all of us.” Mikey smiled. “Hah, thanks. Well the little white box that tests your blood is called the Contaminated Particle and Species Analyzer, or CPSA for short.” “Shit! That's a long name for something to small...” Frank commented. “Yeah, but it does wonders.” I said.

Famous Living Dead (part 8)

Frank's P.O.V:
I drove down the familiar dirt road, into the dark, frightening woods once again. Last time we came here, Gerard and I were running away from zombies. But this time, we were running towards them. The car bounced up and down, as it drove over the array of pebbles that scattered the road, leading into the woods. “Load your guns boys.” Ray grinned as he pulled out his .45. I parked near the entrance of the woods. It would would make it easier if we had to make a quick get away if we were being chased by a pack of zombies. Gerard, Ray, and Mikey hopped out of the van.

Famous Living Dead (part 7)

Heyyy guys, I just wanted to tell you that I started school today (yaaay >.<) so I'll be posting a little slower and later. It all depends on my homeywork. So I'm really sorry 'bout that...

Ray's P.O.V:
“Ray? Ray?? RAY!” Mikey lightly slapped me across the face. “Wha? What??” I dazed. “Dude, we're trying to talk to you.” Mikey said. “Oh, sorry.” I apologized. “So, what did you guys wanna tell me?” I asked. “We're gonna get ready! Get your gear on, because we're going ZOMBIE HUNTING!” Frank bounced up and down, wearing a smile a mile long. “Okay, I'll gather my shit.” I sighed.

Famous Living Dead (part 6)

Ray's flashback part 2:
When we thought all hope was lost, the zombie suddenly let go, and lifelessly fell onto the floor. A police man stood behind it, with a gun in his hand. “Always go to the head. It's where they're most sensitive.” The police man said. He jogged up to Lucy and I, and plied her off the gate. I climbed over the fence, and sat down beside Lucy. The police man inspected her wounded leg, and frowned. There were about six deep punctures on her left calve, surrounded by raw skin and blood. Lucy wept in pain. I held her in my arms, and ran my fingers across her soft cheek.

Famous Living Dead (part 5)

Ray's flashback part 1:
“I love you.” I sincerely said. “Love you too.” Lucy giggled. I loosely held her hand in mine, and smiled into the sun. Nothing could get better than this. Lucy began to skip down the empty sidewalk. “What are you doing?” I laughed. “Skippin.” She simply said. “Alright.” I smiled. The sun shone onto her loose, dirty blond hair, and her eyes twinkled as she looked at me. Her smile seemed to sparkle. I was so thankful to have a fiance like Lucy. “Come here Raaay!” Lucy waved me over. “Why?” I asked. Lucy stood on her tips toes, and puckered her lips.


I drew this picture a while ago, but I never posted it... and I guess today is the perfect day! So, happy anniversary Gerard and LynZ! :D

I know the drawing is kinda jacked up... (I always mess up in EVERY portrait I make...)

-Artistic Agony x_x

Famous Living Dead (part 4)

Gerard's P.O.V:
“Excuse us.” Mikey told Ray and Frank as he grabbed my sleeve and led me into the kitchen.“You're crazy. I think you should know that.” Mikey honestly told me. “I know that.” I smirked. “Just tell me, why, WHY, are we going zombie hunting??” Mikey asked again. I deeply sighed, and placed my hand on my brother's shoulder. “Look.” I began. “My life is a bag of shit.” I coldly laughed. “My wife DIED, her kid DIED, she killed her own SISTER. I have no job, and I'm living with Frank, because I can't afford a real home or apartment. Why NOT go zombie hunting?

Famous Living Dead (part 3) AND Mike getting eaten by a zombie...

I really want Mike Pedicone to get eaten by a zombie after what he did to MCR... so heres a quick thing I whipped up (NOT PART OF FANFIC btw):
Frank's P.O.V:
The zombie slowly stumlbed towards Mike, as he backed into the wall. "Frank stop it!" He begged. "Nope." I simply said. I watched the zombie swipe it's rotting hand at Mike's face, scratching his right cheek. It caused him to bleed excessivly. Mike yelped in pain as he covered his wounded cheek. "I'm sorry Frank, I'm sorry!!" He tried to apologize. "Fuck off." I hissed.

It's September 2nd! Which means...

HAPPY BIRFDAY to us, happy birfday to us, happy birfday to me and SPENCER SMITH! Happy birfday to usss!

And thanks to Zoe for giving me the BEST birfday present everrr!! Love ya chicka <3

-Artistic Agony x_x

Famous Living Dead (part 2)

This is my new zombie apocolpyse fanfic :3 I hope you'll like it!
-Artistic Agony x_x

Mikey's P.O.V:
I dragged my feet across the sidewalk, planning to head home and take a nice, long nap. My hands were dug deep into my pockets, as I hummed the tune to a Smashing Pumpkins song. I started to hear fainted screaming and moans coming from behind me. They were getting louder and louder. I looked behind me, surprised to what I saw. A tall man, a little older than me, was sprinting towards me. “RUN!” He panted. The man took my sleeve, and dragged me with him. I was totally confused.