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I should be a spy...

I have spent a countless amount of years searching and adventuring every square inch of my city. Slithering through the dark alleys, wandering the vast empty streets, battling every foe that tried to stop me from accomplishing my quest! I have successfully sneaked into top secret archives and stole a tasteful piece of literature known as the *dramatic music* UMBRELLA ACADEMY.

....maybe that's a little too dramatic...

but yeah, I actually found The Umbrella Academy at my library hehe I can't wait to read it :3

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Just felt like making a blog, how are you guys? :)

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Has anyone ever read Naked Lunch?

So far... I don't get it..

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Sadly, I've lost my lust for reading.... and I want to start reading again. Do you guys have any recommendations? I kinda like darker stuff, if that helps...

Thanks :)

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Ahh it breaks my heart

I graduated middle school today... not really anything special, but still, it's sad... I was so privileged to get chosen to write and perform the graduation speech :3

Here's a lovely picture of my friends and I, I'm the geek in the middle.

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Crash the cementery gates in the dress your husband hates.

Hope you guys like this :)

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Please read :)

Hi guys, I'm doing Drama in school, and we had to write a piece with dialog, could you please read, and comment on what you think of it?
Thanks :)

(The date is September of 1952, Birmingham Alabama. Setting is in an old, wore down hospital room, it's completely empty, except for a window, a man sitting on a chair, and a women laying on a bed. The women looks very fragile, and weary. The man is holding the woman’s hand.)

BENJAMIN (His voice is a bit shaky, and he's talking quickly.) I started paintin' a lot. I-I made a painting for you. I'll show it to you when we get home. We'll hang it in the kitchen. No... the- the livin' room. Wait, no. The bedroom. I know you like to read and look out the window. And when you look out the window, you can look at my paintin'. It's very colorful. I know you like colors. So do I.

JOHANNA I can't wait (smiles wearily)

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Well aren't I a depressing little fuck?

Friend: I miss my boyfriend

Me: Me too

Friend: He calls me sweetie

Me: He calls me fan.

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I'm so happy 'cause today I found my friends. They're in my head.

Here's some drawings I made... hope you guys like theemmm.

If any of you guys have a tumblr, i'll be more than happy to follow you back. Just leave your name in the comment section. And if you could follow me, that would be awesooome <3

Love always,
Artistic Agony