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SiNgItFoRtHeWoRld123's blog

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It feels so good

I made this blog back in late 2012 after Danger Days released and this website was my crack for a good couple years. I haven't been on here in so long, and I'm not sure if the friends I made are still here, but I just want to say that it feels great to be back in such a welcoming and friendly community of artists, musicians, and believers.

so I felt like writing a story. read, or not

I melt inside my heavy jacket as the heated air from the school thaws my frozen body. My fingers and toes begin to relax, and I wiggle them, in an attempt to warm them up. My boots make obnoxious squeaks as I stomp on the slippery ground, trying to shake the snow off. It had snowed three inches the previous night, and I prayed to God to have a snow day. For most kids, a snow day means a day to relax with no homework to worry about.

i felt like i needed to do this

i just wanted to say thank you to all the friends i've made here. i've cried with them, laughed with them, fangirled with them, and have shared so many beautiful memories.
i want to thank the band for being there for me when no one else was, and showing me i shouldn't be ashamed of myself.
the past two years on this site have been a blast because of all of you.
xoxo natasha

So uh.. let me make this quick.. I hate bothering you guys..

I made a new tumblrrr! It's happy, colorful, and filled with sexy ass band picturesss.

So why not give me a follow? I'll check your blog out! :3


thanks guise, xoxo <3

so much pointless drama on tumblr..

freaking out about a band's personal life isn't going to solve shit.
people need to understand that bands need their personal space and privacy. siigh. humanity.

And I am praying for the day..

When You and I, and He and She, are We

Humanity will sing harmony c:

I need your help!!

I'm writing a review about Incubus for the school newspaper.. and I need you Incubus fans (or anyone really..) to read this and tell me if it makes sense, sounds good, and if the information is accurate!

"Coming off their late 1999 album, Make Yourself, Drive is one of Incubus' most prominent singles. The song kicks off with an upbeat intro, and carries on with a mellow sound. Drive is a prime example of lyrical and musical balance. Incubus has explored different genres of music that have seemed to impress each of their fans.

ooh homecoming...

grinding sure is an interesting thing to witness... and participate in.

good night dear friends.

upset, tired,and upset.

love ya'lls.

“FUCK!” She slammed the door shut, and threw her backpack against it. The pictures hanging on the wall shook as she repeatedly began to bang her head against her wooden desk. She pinched her red cheeks, and dug her nails into them. “FAT. FAT. FAT.” She yelled at herself. She yanked her shirt up, and clawed at the rolls of fat hanging from her stomach. “Why can't you fucking be pretty?” She growled at herself as she dug in her bag for her razor. She felt a shiver down her spine as soon as her fingertips felt the cool surface of the razor.

the randomness is too much for meee

okay this picture made me laugh my ass off, just saying... ahh i love Vic :3