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Wanna see a picture of my foot? Well, too bad! i don't have one! You foot pedos... You sicken me. You know who you are. *points at monitor*
Guys! Stop being upset by the new renovations (w.e. that means) in the site! I'm sure that it'll be back to normal soon! And if not... you can finally show your parents this site and proudly say that you haven't cussed/be inoppropriate/ or kick puppies! Ok. I'm not sure about that last one, but THINK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! :D :D :D :D :D

The sun will come out... tomorrow. Bet your bottom...
Bet my bottom? I'm coming Elizabeth!

Comment if you know where I got that. LOL

-Shooting Star

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In Love With All Of These Vampires Chapter Twenty-One (?)

Ray's POV:
"Mikey. Plaese," I choked out. "S-st-sto-" My throat contracted. I couldn't finish my sentence. I saw Miey whispering something in Frank's ear. His face went from surprised to ashamed. What did he tell Frank? Mikey smirked and moved onto Gerard. They were no longer chained to the wall. There was no need for it anymore. We were too weak to do anything. Gerard wasn't surprised at what Mikey said. He just glared at Mikey. Mikey tsked at him and sauntered toward me. he leaned in close. "Guess what. I may be able to spare you... let you go." I gasped. "It all depends on your friends' decisions." He walked away with that. What was he talking about?

Amber's POV:

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Ok. Here it goes. There's a boy at my school who likes me. Let's call him... F. The 'f' actually has nothing to do with his name. Honest... Ok. Back to this my issue. Well, i want to know why he likes me, but I never have the time to ask him or I just back out at the last minute. I can never ask him. How do I get the nerve to ask him. I don't want things being awkward between us. I'm afraid that if I ask him, he'll say that I'm pretty or something like that and nothing else. That's happened before to me. The boy only likes me my looks. Just DON'T even get me STARTED!- unless you really want to know. Message me if you nwat to know. i just don't want to add that much extra information. i'm known for doing that just like right now as I'm typing this and you're reading it.

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*insert title for fanfiction here* Chapter Twenty

I yawned. I don't want to wake up yet. Maybe I can just lay here a bit longer. Where am I anyway? Don't care. Sleep. Curled up in a ball. I smile to myself.
"She's awake," I heard someone whisper. It sounded like Kobra. "She's smiling."
"No. She's not. People CAN smile in their sleep," Ghoul whispered. Are they watching me sleep?
"Maybe we should wake her up," Show whispered suggestively.
"I don't think we should wake her up," Jet said softly.
"Too late for that guys. It's also kinda creepy how you guys are watching me sleep," I said. I opened my eyes. I was sleeping in a booth. At least they didn't put me in a bed. Or put a blanket on me. I sat up slowly and stretched my arms high above my head. "I'm so tired." I yawned. I saw Show, Kobra, Ghoul, Jet, and Party. Party is the only one who hasn't said anything. "You guys are horrible whisperers. Even worse than me. And that's saying something."

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Ok. I haven't posted in like a week or so...

Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been helping my mom with her work. I'm getting paid though! I've made 44 dollars so far! Ok. So I don't want this to be a boring post, so I'm going to tell you a funny/sad/crazy story that happened two days ago...
My school has a band/choir class for an 'i forgot the word' class. I'm in choir. Every year, the band and choir go to a forum festival. Afterwards we go to Kott's Berry Farm!! (sad part coming up- at least to me it's sad) Concert Choir (2nd/3rd year people in choir-me) was mixed with Beginning Choir (newbies-1st year) to sing the songs. We couldget either bronze (40% of bands) silver (30% of bands) or gold (20% of bands) or something like that. WE GOT FUCKING BRONZE!!!! We practive all year to get bronze. ALL FUCKING YEAR!!! My teacher even said we did a good job and that we were at least getting silver. Nope. We weren't good enough.

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*insert title for fanfiction here* Chapter Nineteen

I really should have taken Jet up on his offer to pick me up. Too late now.
"So what are your numbers?" B asked.
"423," one of them said in monotone.
"312," the other said in the same monotone.
"Oh thank god! It's me, B! We thought you guys were actual dracs. Is Beautiful Danger driving?" They seemed to relax a bit. 423 sighed with relief.
"Yes." They looked at my confused face. 423 explained.
"I'm Insomniac Bullet. That's Red Faze. We're double agents." I sighed.
"Can you, like, unhandcuff me then?" I asked awkwardly.
"Oh yeah! Sure!" Bullet came over to me and uncuffed me. I rubbed my wrists.
"Third time this week. New record!" I said cheerfully. "Can you drop me off at the diner. Well, maybe near the diner. We ARE in a BL/Ind van. We don't want to start something." They nodded. Faze knocked on the wall seperating us from the driver in a pattern.
"Done." I raised an eyebrow, but I didn't ask. Faze didn't answer. After a few minutes of awkward silence I spoke up.

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*insert title for fanfiction here* Chapter Eighteen

It was the guy from before. The one that was invading my personal space. A sick, twisted feeling began forming in the pit of my stomach. He marched toward me, a cruel smile playing on his lips. Uuuuggghhh. He grosses me out-not to mention creeps me out. He came over to me, leaned in close. I took a deep breath and proceeded to shout at the top of my lungs...
"RRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAA-" I was cut short because he clamped his hand over my mouth. I couldn't move my mouth at all. His smile widened. What is wrong with this dude?! I started making any noise I could without moving my mouth. All that came out was, "Mhhmhmhmmmh!! Mmmhmhmhm!"

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*insert title for fanfiction here* Chapter Seventeen

"Yeah. Why?" She said slowly and suspiciously.
"Do you know the diner's frequency?" Yep. I'm going to ask the guys for help. I can't believe I'm doing this. I don't want to see them ever again, but it's either that, or die.
"Who doesn't?"
"Well, call for someone and see who answers. Ask them if they know or knew a Shooting Star. Ask any of them. They'll know me." Well, I hope most of them will... Party.
"You know the fabulous killjoys?" She was struck with awe. Fabulous killjoys? They're fabulous?
"What's so fabulous about them? Also, yeah... I guess." Her eyes were sparkling with excitement.
"They were the ones who started the rebelion! How could you NOT know that? Even DRACS know that! Are you a newbie?" I sighed.

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*insert title for fanfiction here* Chapter Sixteen

I opened my eyes slowly. I was in an empty room. A large empty room. There were no windows. No posters. No bright colors everywhere. It was only baige. That's wierd. I was on the side opposite of the door. My arms were handcuffed to the arms of the chair, and the same with my legs. The chair was nailed to the floor. I had absolutely no weapons with me besides my nails. I didn't even have the knives that I kept in my pants and bra. These guys are perverts! Three guys walked in and made a circle around me. I've got a bad feeling about this.
"Whud'ya need?" I asked them rudely. There's no need to be nice. They DID kidnap me and handcuff me.
"There is nothing in particular that I need, per say. But there is something that I WANT." it was a creepy dude around my age. I don't get it. I mean, I'm not that pretty. I've seen better looking people than me. "Dude. Are you sure she's a drac?"

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*insert title for fanfiction here* Chapter Fifteen

For most people, it would've felt like years until the sun went down. For me, the sun set quickly. I'm so tired. How did I ever do this before? I sat down with my hand on my gun. Always running. I'm always running. I don't even know why I run. I can't even kill! I take a deep breath. I just need to close my eyes for a second. Rest my eyes... Oh no! I open my eyes. I was laying down in the sand. I've been asleep for hours! The sky has shifted into a different color, and the thin clouds had changed direction. What was that?! I held my breath. I could have sworn I heard a sound. I guess not. I guess I'm just imagining th- THERE IT IS AGAIN! I'm NOT imagining it. It sounds like sand grains being crushed beneath the feet of someone. I stand up. I'm so going to run. I turn away from the sound and start running. The person who was there before started chasing me. The sun began to come up. I saw a dot in the distance. Shelter! I looked behind to see who my persuer was, and it was a drac!