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For all you foot pedos... and Christina!!

Ok. I'm pretty sure this the right picture. I'm bad with these kinds of things. Well, this is for my friend Christina (aka-Fiat Lux) and all you foot pedos!! You know who you are. Yuppp. YOU!! You reading this... You're a foot pedo. Or else you never would read this...

Oh yeah. My foot says "Hi! Dis 4 u Chrissy! :)" The back is really dark, I know. I had to do that so you guys could see the words on my foot better.

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I used my 3 Cheers CD and Youtube, 'cuz that's all I have! (Dead)

1. If someone says 'Are you okay?' you say?
Hang 'Em High- My Chemical Romance

2. How would you describe yourself?
Give 'Em Hell, Kid- My Chemical Romance

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You- My Chemical Romance

4. How are you feeling today?
You Know What They do to Guys Like Us in Prison- My Chemical Romance

5. What is your life's purpose?
Thank You For the Venom- My Chemical Romance

6. What's your motto?
I Never Told You What I do for a Living- My Chemical Romance

7. What do your friends think of you?
Helena- My Chemical Romance

8. What do your parents think of you?
Interlude- My Chemical Romance

9. What do you think about very often?
It's Not a Fashion Statement- My Chemical Romance

10. What is 2 + 2?
Cemetery Drive- My Chemical Romance (Hell Yeah!! Actually 2+2= fish No joke. I can show my work!)

11. What do you think of your best friend?
I'm Not Ok (I Promise)- My Chemical Romance

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Dis be some drawing for killjoy-blue ivy

These are the pictures I drew. They are fail, right? Link looks like a monser. Frank looks like an alien. Nat looks like she's about to fall. And Beckie looks like a Death Eater! I tried to copy the pictures from LWMCR the most recent chapter. It was a fail. (Obviously. Thank you Cpatian Obvious!) It took me, at most, twenty minutes to draw.

*Does anyone else wonder what it feels like for Moikey and Gerard to be fathers of the same child? Who else thinks that it'd be so awkward if it were real life?

-Shooting Star

A - AVAILABLE: Technically, yes. If my dad asks though, SAY NO!!!
B - BIRTHDAY: December 29, 1998
C - CRUSHING ON: Insomniac Bullet!
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Tap water D: We were out of bottle water
F - FAVORITE SONG: Trick question. I don't have one... but maybe skylines and turnstiles.
H - HOMETOWN: ummm... this is kinda sad, but idk
I - IN LOVE WITH: Insomniac Bullet!
J - JUGGLE: yes
K - KILLED SOMEONE: as far as anyone knows, no
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: i was on a bus to new mexico. does it count? if not, to chico ca. (dunno times)
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: 3 (not including my soul siblings)
O - ONE WISH: for infinite wishes
R - REASON TO SMILE: Insomniac Bullet!
S - SONG YOU LAST SANG: Cemetary Drive
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: Around 10:56am
U - UNDERWEAR COLOR: some of them
V - VEGETABLE(S): the good ones

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IDK!! Just read if ya want (not rilly important)

Ok. So I just found out that Beyonce had a baby! I'm slow right? Well, I clicked on the link that gave more information. I found out that the baby's name was Blue Ivy. I instantly thought to this website- I'm Killjoy-Blue Ivy's friend. I instanly thought about her. So I began thinking, maybe that's not really her name...? I went on chacha, but I didn't get any good information, so I went to google. And yupppp. Her name IS Blue Ivy. When I was reading about why they chose that name, I half expected it to say that they were on this site and saw Killjoy-Blue Ivy's blogs! I really did! I'm a fail I know. But why DID she choose that particular name?! Is it a weird coincidence... or more? No. Really. I wanna know whether it's a coincidence or or not!

-Shooting Star

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Ok. As many (or some) of you know, I've been writing two fanfictions. After the apocolipse that wiped out the blogs, I only have some of the first fanfiction. (Well, technocially second, but w/e). Do you guys who were reading it want me to rewrite it? It's going to be worded differently because this was the only place I had them written/typed. Should I rewrite both or just one or none at all and wait for them to come back? Comment because I don't know what I should do.

-Shooting Star

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OMG!! I kinda maybe have some obsessive issues with MCR...

I was at Wall-mart with my mom and we were standing in line. There was an old man in front of us, and he had just signed a check to pay for his groceries. (I don't care if I spelled that wrong! :P) I was kinda zoning about my blogs when I hear her say, "There you go, Mr. Way. Have a nice day!" Of course I look at them and instantly think, 'Gerard Way! Mikey Way! The Way brothers!!" Then I was thinking, 'I should write a blog about how I sorta have issues!' No joke. That is really what I was thinking! LOL. Do you agree that I have obsessive/staller-like issues about MCR and the members?*sigh* I'm going to Umma, Arizona forthe weekend.(I'm pretty sure I spelled Umma wrong! :P) No internet. SAD FACE!! :'( I'm going to be thinking about you guys though! I love you all! You're all beautiful!

-Shooting Star

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Social Workers

What are your guys' opinions about them? Bad or good? Evil or nice? Give reasoning if you wanna! After I read your guys' comments, I'm going to post another blog about my opinion. IDK why. I was thinking abuot elemtary school and how we watched the movie Hollis Woods and everybody thought the social worker was a bad lady. So what do you guys think about them? Comment it!

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I'm sad now :'(

I'm sad because I STILL don't have all of my blogs! There's this huge gap between the two blogs I posted yesterday and Chapter 17.5 of one of my fanfictions. It's like over a month difference or something. I'm not exactly sure, but STILL! Is this happening to anyone else or is it just me?

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Ok. Just a few seconds ago, I decided "Hey! I'm going to catch up on my friends' fanfictions! i have nothing better to do with all this... renewing!" *goes to account friends* *scrolls down list* Thnks- Angelicax! I wonder if she's updated her fic!" *clicks*
*sees- remove friend (and) send meassage to this user* *this user has posted no blogs* FACE-PALM! Thinks- "DUH! EVERYBODY LOST THEIR BLOGS!"

Yupp. I'm a fail. Just like the title.

-Shooting Star