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I just don't know...

*i am extremely sorry if this offends anyone but it has to be said in my opinion.

What has happened to the fan-base how on earth can you like My Chem and One Direction, me and my friend have stumbled across many of these people it's just upsetting sorry idk why its bugging me soo much but it is there is no way they can like a pop pretty boy band and mcr no just friend just informed me that someone told her the one drummer for 1D is better than Spencer Smith, Panic At The Disco's drummer!! >,< what on earth is happening now a days ?_? just wow -,-

Thank you for reading this rant about the 'fans' and what not sorry if this may upset people but it was just bugging me xc

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HAPPY (early/late) FOURTH OF JULY!!!

I put '(early/late)' because there are different time zones and stuff. I'm listening to Three Cheers! YAY!!! :D:D:D Just boring random stuff... hmmm...

I ate a yogurt for breakfast.
I ate a square piece of watermelon.
I almost broke my brothers headphones but fixed them.
My sister is random.
The voice in the back of my head is named Pizzariamamamia.
FIRE AT WILL!! Are the lyrics to the song I'm listening to.
Can you guess it?
Hang 'Em High
You though it something else, huh.
You thought it was Thank You For The Venom!

Can you find the the mistake?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


There are two the's.
That's all for now.


-Shooting Star

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I went to Universal Studios!

It could've been more fun, but... meh. I was in line for Mummy's Tomb or w/e it's called, and you know how there are like security people dressed up to match the ride? Well, there was an, I'm guessing, eighteen year old guy. He was shirtless and tan! He also wore eyeliner to look like a pharo. (idk how it's spelled >.<) I told my sister that I was going to say, "I like your eyeliner!" or something. But he was too far away. There was a group of girls in front of us and they started calling out to him. This guy should really play poker. He has like the perfect poker face. They were just calling out to him, and so I said loud enough for him to hear, "I like your eyeliner!!" And he looked at me and he did that arm shrug that says, "Wuddya mean? Wtf dude!" And so I was just "RIght back acha!" Then they said, "SMILE!!" He looked at them and looked angry, then he smiled and I was 'omg. like perfect pearly whites. of course.' Yeah. He had these contacts that made is eyes a pale blue color.

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Did this happen to anyone else, or just me?

I couldn't log onto this site. Like at all. I couldn't even GET to it. I asked my brother and he said that maybe they took down the site to do some major changes. I don't see anything majorly changed. Did this only happen to me? I feel confused.

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Hai again!!

SO WHAT! All of our blogs are gone. It's not like it hasn't happened already to most of us. Well, since other people are introducing themselves again. I might as well. Hi. My name is Shooting Star! You can call me Star for short! As I read in another blog, they guys might be changing the site to hint about the upcoming album! Don't say it's not true! I can believe what I want! :D Well, that's enough for now! See ya in the zones!

Shooting Star

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Nooooo! Not again!!

I don't wanna rewrite everything... AGAIN!! *sigh* Wanna know what I want? I want there to be a chat box on this site. I would LOVE that. Who's with me?

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Look at what I made!!

This took me a looooong time. I had to base it from a picture I had on another tab an kept clicking back and forth between them. The hardest parts were making the bar code and the SCARECROW UNIT symbol. The rest was pretty easy. It was kinda difficult to put the picture of myself on it though. Well, tell me what you think of it in the comments!

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Guys! I need your support and knowledge. I'm really scared!

It all started last night. When I went to bed, I was feeling kind of nautious, but I brushed it off. I woke up this morning feeling fine. I ate breakfast and then went on the computer for a few hours. About 3+ hours. My mom told me to get ready to leave so I brushed mmy hair and changed in the bahtroom. I saw myself in the mirror and saw my veins climbing up my left side and got freaked out. Is that normal? Then, I started feeling it, the pain, two hours ago. On the lower left side of my stomach area, I felt a stabbing pain. It came in waves. My mom made me go do laundry and the pain was bad! I didn't want to tell her because I have trust issues. My brother came and I was, "I don't feel so good." I went into the kitchen and my mom was like "You like mayinase and mustard on your tuna sandwich right?" I nodded. She finished making it and set it in front of me. I quickly left and felt like I was gonna puke. I didn't. What's wrong with me?! The pain was so bad I started crying!!

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:/ I need more self-confidence :/

I honestly don't like how I look. Yupp. That's a picture of me just a few minutes ago. I look horrible. I don't know how anyone can like me. I really don't. I asked the guy who likes me what he likes about me, and he said, "What's not to like about you?" My looks is one thing.

Ok. I want your honest opinion. Do I look as good as he makes me feel? God, I need more self-confidence.

-Shooting Star

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Da fuuuuuuuck?

Ok. For those of you who keep up with my fanfiction. Chapter thirteen is out. It says Chapter Twelve though.

Why is the title 'Da fuuuuuck'? I edited the title of chapter thirteen. It used to say twelve but i changed it. And it says, "Chapter Thirteen has been edited" or w.e. Then, I go to my account and see that it is still Chapter Twelve! I click read more and then the title is Chapter thirteen!! Can you guess my first thought? Yuppp...


Ok. It's fixed now. (It's been a few hours) But that was weird! Don't you think!