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Long time to no see!... umm type!

I haven't been on here in a few weeks. I... don't really know what to type. No. I do. I just don't know how to word it. Oh well. I'll try.

I'm feeling kinda alone right now. I feel like there's no one I can trust anymore to talk about my problems. It's just... everyone seems to have their own problems. They seem much bigger than mine, too. I don't wanna like... impose, but I've resulted in just emailing myself my issues just to get them out. Ya know? The person I usually talkk to about this kind of stuff... well, we've grown apart even though we're still close. I don't know the logic, but... yeah. I can't exactly talk to my family about it because they're part of the problem, and I just... uugghh. *sigh* I just don't know what to do. Normally, I wouldn't even do THIS because I don't want my issues on the internet, but yeah. Desperate times call for desperate measures. *sigh again* I know I'm not alone, but... there's a difference between KNOWING a fact and BELIEVING a fact.

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This Song is a Curse

I heard that the full song is out now. Is it true? Is this spreading rumors? I don't think so. Anyiero, does anyone know if it's true?

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English Assignment Due This Tuesday

Ok. So yeah. I guess you read the title and were like *crickets chirping* -_- WELL!! I've had this assignment where I'm supposed to rewrite a fairy-tale for like a month. I'm barely doing it now. It's DUE IN THREE DAYS!! I NEED A WRITTEN COPY AND A PRESENTATION COPY!! I'M GONNA DIE!!! Anyiero, here's what I got so far. Please tell me what you think!

Tangled-The Shades of Gray in Between
-- Everything was dark in the beginning. Some like to call it the dark ages. Others believe it was the beginning of the end. To me- For me, it was the start of a miraculous thing.

-- I was about fifty years old when I came across it. I saw in the middle of a dying field, a delicate flower. The dark clouds had separated, forming a gap in the sky, allowing light to filter through. That was how the flower came to be.

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I just wanna... I dunno

I don't know if the video thingy uploaded right, so the link is like right above. Click or copy/paste.

It's a show about two gay guys who want a baby, so they're trying to find a serrogate and stuff. It's not like real- but you know what I mean, right? If you don't, just watch, it and you'll get what I mean.

I dunno... I'm just feeling random.

I WAS AT ENSENADA, MEXICO FOR THE PAST TWO DAYS!!! Now, my face is a bit sunburned. Also, I have rubella, so I'm a bit itchy, but I don't have to go to school, so YAY!!

Umm... Happy Early Labor Day. (Is it sad that I don't know what Labor Day is for? Can you tell me?)

__Shooting Star__

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My eyes are burning

Well, they're burning 'cuz I'm tired and just want to shut them. Anywho, I feel like I haven't been on here in forever! Lots of things have happened!!

1) My mom (possibly) saw Frank while driving in her car in LA.
2) I walk home.
3) I GOT A 530 ON MY CSTs FOR LA!! (415 in math. 15 Points off advanced. Pfft. I still made it into geometry. TAKE THAT TEST GOVERNMENT. I wonder if the Secret Service is going to stalk me now. AAGHHH! I TAKE IT BACK!!)
4) I only have one class with the person I trust most.
5) I'm changing from choir into percussion.
6) Starting tomorrow, I'm going to think on the bright side, so as to not be so depressed. I figured that if Gee could get sober in 17 days, I could get happy in 17 days. (Note how I said 'happy' and not 'depression free.')
7) My second eldest brother moved to Ohio, so it's just my sister, my mom, and me at home. (My dad comes on weekends only.)

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I have absolutely no idea...

me: Mom. I can still be Frank Iero for Halloween, right?

mom: Yeah.

me: I want a red tie... and a black polo shirt, black skinny jeans, and black converse. I'm going to need a lot of stuff. I'm going to make my own costume sorta!

mom: We can also die your hair black.

me: Really?!

mom: Yeah. And we can cut it short if you want. Cut and die it.

me: Are you joking?

mom: Nope.

YAY! I get to be Frank for Halloween. I know it's kindasorta early to be thinking about Halloween, but I've wanted to be Frank since last year. I was just a normal dude last year. Hehehe... it was funny. I actually fooled a couple people and freaked my friend out. You should've seen his face! Anywho... yeah. I'm going to draw x's over my eyes, write HALLOWEEN on my knuckles! :D:D:D:D

How do you think it will turn out? I hope it turns out good!! :D:D:D:D Oh geez. How am I going to get the revenge armband?!?!!?! I'll have to improvise...

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Random Post!!!

Well, my computer is being stupid. It's not letting me upload the pictures I took today!! Grrr... Well, a few days ago, (or maybe yesterday?) my cousin put makeup on me. Not like in the mean way where she puts too much eyeshadow and stuff. Like genuinely, made me look... different. Lots of (calm) words were said between my mom and myself. She wanted me to wear more makeup to make me look prettier. I decided that I would wear makeup today, seeing that it is a special occasion. (HAPPY INTERNATIONAL MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE DAY!!!) I remembered all the steps my cousin did to put the makeup on. But seeing as I'm me, and I fail at being a girl (when it comes to cosmetics) I failed. I put on too much eyeliner. And not enough blush, and I didn't even know what color eyeshadow she put on me! When she put the eyeliner on me, it made my eyes pop. When I put it on, it made me look like a zombie. (Well, in my opinion.)

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I love this band sooo much! My family worries for me. They think I'm a wee bit too obsessed. I beg to differ. I WWWAAAAAAYYYYY obsessed. Hehehe... get it? 'way' obsessed. No? Oh... just ignore it then. :D:D:D:D I love you all!

"Don't be afraid to try the most insane thing. Don't think it's too crazy. Just do it."
-Mikey Way

"Being happy doesn't mean that everything's perfect. It means that you've decided to look past imperfections."
-Gerard Way

"To ignore death and to be afraid of it is dumb because everyone is going to face it at some point. If you look at death and the reality of it, you realize that we’re all going to die, so let’s use this time on Earth to be positive and do good things.”
-Ray Toro.

"Everytime somebody ever told you that you weren't gonna amount to anything, you know, that's your time to shine, you know, you can show everybody and prove to yourself what you're doing is real and that it counts and that it makes a difference."
-Frank Iero

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Happy Birthday, Ray!

Ray Toro is cool,
I mean just look at his hair,
That 'fro is awesome!

This was a haiku I made. I read a haiku similar to this. I was gonna right that one, but I couldn't remember. xD Aren't I just a derp! :D:D:D:D:D:D

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Ok. We (I hope) all know the song You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison, right- from Three Cheers? Well you know the part where it goes, "They all cheat at cards, and the checkers are lost. My cellmate's a killer. They make me do push- ups in drag. *giggle*" Well, my favorite part of the song is when Gee says "My cellmate's a killer. They make me so push-ups in drag." I always sing it when I hear it. (that's kinda a little obsession. hehe...?)

So, being the genius I am, was drinking water when I heard the words "They all cheat at cards..." And I was like "OMG! I NEED TO DRINK THIS WATER FAST! So the water is still in my throat and as I'm swallowing I try to sing- "Oi ellate's *gurgle* ake ee oo *gurgle* *swallow* in drag!- It was painful. My throat hurts now. I swallowed my huge gulp of water in one swallow. It was REALLY painful. But I sorta gotta sing my favorite part!

-Singer Not a Dancer