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I Stole This! >:D

1:Are you ready for 130 questions?

2: Was your last relationship a mistake?
Uhh... haven't had one...

3: Do you miss your last relationship?
Did you read my last answer?!

4: Who did you last say i love you to?
Uhh... lemme think... My mom

5: Do you regret it?

6: Have you ever been depressed?

7: Are you a boy or girl?
Girl (as far as you know) LOL

8: Are you insecure?
Nah. Not rilly

9: What is your relationship status?

10: How do you want to die?
With no pain

11: What did you last eat?
peanut butter butter out of the jar. I used a spoon!

12: Have you played any sports?
Yeah. I'm good at volleyball, but I like soccer more.

13: Do you bite your nails?

14: When was your last physical fight?
Never had one

15: Do you have an attitude?
Yep and I'm proud of it!

16: Do you like someone?
Gerard... LOL :D jk No.

17: What is your real name?

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repost this!

Proud to be a Killjoy.
Proud to be a Soldier.
Proud to live life.
Proud of each other.
Looking for tomorrow, if it's brave enough to show it's face.
It's us against

~ Sunshine
~ Exterminator baby (Killjoymcrmy)
~Acid Shock <3
~ Massacre Maze (MaddieBurr) Never be afraid, killjoys. Much love
~ Blue Poison Ivy. Keep Running and Never Let Them Take You Alive.
~ Sunshine Cola
~ Cyanide Diamond (kaycie)
~ Killer Transistorthe world.
~Shooting Star (singer not a dancer) It's Do Or Die.

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In Love With All Of These Vampires Chapter Eight

Christina's POV:

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In Love With All Of These Vampires Chapter Seven

I felt and heard him sucking my blood. As you can imagine, it wasn't a pleasant experience. The first thing that made me notice that I was losing a lot of blood was that I got lightheaded. The next thing was that my legs couldn't hold my weight anymore and gave out. If it weren't for Moikey holding on to me, I would have fallen. The last thing was that my body started getting very cold. I shuddered. How much longer is this torture going to last? A tear slipped from my cheek. It was that tear that reminded me of Welcome to the Black Parade. It's do or die. And that reminded me of Christina. She loved that song. Loved? LoveSSSSS! I need to get to her! On and on we carry through the fears. I try to get out of his grip again. He tightens it, but I continue struggling. I need to get to her! I whip my head left and right, trying to get his mouth off my neck. At last, it works. He looks me straight in the eyes.

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In Love With All Of These Vampires Chapter Six

I'm on edge the entire time we walk to school. I'm always expecting a vampire to pop out of the shadows. Today was a very cloudy day, and what I saw a few days ago didn't help. I still don't know what I saw, if I even DID see something. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Well, after what I've seen, I wouldn't be surprised if I was I was diagnosed with craziness. We finally get to school, and talk the entire time. We go through our daily classes. In our second period class, the lights went out, and I could barely see a thing. It was really creepy. Rain poured hard on the roof of the classroom. We continued the classes in a blackout. There was thunder and lighting. It made the day scarier than it should have been. We both went to after-school band. She practiced her flute while I practiced my vocals. We didn't bring an umbrella, so we had to walk in the pouring rain. After a few minutes, it started hailing. We took shelter under an awning by a grocery store.

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In Love With All Of These Vampires Chapter Five

We end up at her house at 3:26 a.m. I was staying at her house for the weekend. My parents were visiting other family members in Mexico. My cousins. We went inside the house and directly went to the fridge. We were starving! We hadn't eaten for about six hours. We found cookies, brownies, and sandwiches. We took them all to her room. We stuffed our mouths. When we knew her parents were asleep, she asked me what had happened. So, I asked her what the last thing she remembered.
"The last thing I remember is crawling into the dark room where we saw them walk into. The rest is just blocked from my mind. If I try to remember, I get a majot migrane." She looked at me expectantly.

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In Love With All Of These Vampires Chapter Four

What did I just do? This is going to end well. The guys came closer and pulled me away from Christina.
"Amber!" I struggle against whoever is holding me. I kick, wiggle, and bite. Nothing I do makes the hands let go of me. I'm tossed to the ground. Apparently, it was Moikey who grabbing me. I look to see Christina all the way across the room. Frank tossed her to the ground, too.
"No!" I run towards her. Moikey's in front of me. I have too much momentum and can't stop. I shift my wieght and spin around him. I keep going. I feel him grab me again. He tosses me over his shoulder and brings me back to where we were before.
"Amber! Help!" I see Ray with him. Where's Gerard? As soon as I think this, he blocks my sight of Christina.
"I'm coming! Hang on!" I get off my butt and try to navigate myself around Gerard. He keeps moving though. I try to at least look over his shoulder. I can't, though. He's too tall.

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I need help with a title for myfanfiction still Chapter Three?

Next thing I know, Frank is in front of me. I sqeaked and slapped his face. I gasped and covered my gaping mouth with my hands. He glared at me. I saw his cheek. There were three quick healing scratches on his cheek. I look at my right nails. There was a bit of blood beneath them. I looked up at the guys again.
"Oh my God! I'm so sorry!" The guys slowly came closer to us. I sheilded any part of Christina that was showing with my body. "Christina. There's good news. Bad news. And really bad news."
"Tell me." Her voice was shaking.
"Good news- We met My Chemical Romance. Bad news- They're vampires and they know we know and are probably going to kill us. Really bad news- Our parents are going to kill us if these vamps don't."

I'll post more later on tonight. Again, I'm here at school typing on these dinosaurs of computers. Peace. Comments please about the story and any title name.

-Shooting Star

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Still no title (help) Chapter Two

We couldn't see anything. We huddled in the darkness for a few minutes. At the end of the few minutes, we realized thath there was a dim light, and our eyes adjusted to the dim light.
"Christina. I think they left already. We should just leave. I mean did you remember to bring a paper for them to sign or something?" She patted her pockets. She reached inside one of them and pulled out a wrinkled receipt. "Really?" She nodded. I sighed. She was about to talk, so I covered her mputh and said, "Shut up! I hear people coming!" We ran behind something covered with a tarp. We heard a door open and people walk in.
"Frank. I'm so hungry." I peeked around the tarp and saw the my chem boys. They really were pale. I guess make-up can do that.
"Do you want me to feed you?" I thought about Frerard and watched intently.
"No. I need something fresh. You know what I mean." They all nodded.

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MCR Month Day 11 and 12

Day 11- favorite part of Life On The Murder Scenes:
I'm not sure. I've seen it, but I don't know my favoryite part of it.

Day 12- favorite music video:
||||||||\\\\\ /////||||
|||||||//////\\\\\\||||| Something like that