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Guys, I had a great dream with Revenge Era Frank in it...

It was a really good dream. A lot of it was complicated and had nothing to do with Frank, so I'll skip to the part with Frank in it.

I was in this new house that my family was moving in to. So it's still kinda empty because we just got there and suddenly, the doorbell rings. I look in the peephole, and I see Frank and I instantly know it's Death Spells and such. So I open the door and they come in. Frank has the X's over his eyes and has his armband and EVERYTHING, and I'm just kinda standing there freaking out.

So then, suddenly we're outside(?) and I'm hanging out with Frank and asking him questions about why MCR broke up and it went like this.

me: Why did MCR have to break up? Don't you miss them?

Frank: Of course I do!

me: Then why don't you get back together?

Frank: Because it's not meant to be. At least for now.

me: But can't you persuade the guys to get back together and dump these guys (Death Spells)?

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Soo... things are kinda confusing right now, but hey- I guess that's life for ya

My boyfriend... he really likes me. He always tries to make me smile, and he's always trying to make sure he's doing everything right, and doing what I say and... today, I was double booked with my clubs. One was Up and Atom, and the other was Pen Pal Club. I was asking my boyfriend which I should go to. I ended up going to Up and Atom and a little bit of Pen Pal Club. He told me that he was mad at me while we were in the science club. He doesn't really ever get mad at me, so I asked him why. He said it was because I made him feel mad at himself because when I asked if I should go to the science club or pen-pal, he wanted to say science, but he stopped himself because if he would've allowed himself to speak, he would've shouted at me... so what I've concluded is that, I make him change and not for the better but for a more selfish reason... It was really weird. I don't really know anymore. I'm more confused than I was yesterday! *sigh* Life can go die in a ditch.

Okay, if you read my last post, you know that there's a boy I like but not like at the same time. Today, we were talking. He volunteers at the Ramona Bowl, and he got a couple scratches on his wrist from it. He said he'd never self-harm and somehow, it lead to us talking about our relationship... and I said that relationships are a lot like religion to me: hard to believe in and require a lot of faith. And he asked if that's why I let Jesse, a guy friend, hug me and lean on me all the time. I nodded, and he said if he weren't in a relationship with me, he'd cut himself... and to think that I thought about breaking up with him. I like him, but I don't really act on my feelings... like it's not really apart of me, not really that important. I can't now knowing that he needs me. I'm not sure of anything really anymore. Would I have broken up with him or not? Geez! Why does life have to be so confusing!!

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I'm at a crossroads here... should I summon a crossroads demon for advice?

The title is a Supernatural reference, so if you watch Supernatural, you get it (if you're far enough in anyway).

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This day just keeps getting better and better... (yes that was sarcasm)

First, I'm grounded from my laptop. Next, I haven't got a message from my friend, and I'm really worried because he's suicidal, and ugh. And now this whole Boston bombing! I just told my close friends, and they hardly reacted! I have CST testing tomorrow, and everything is just too much to handle! I hate it... nothing feels right, and *sigh* it's just so sad what happened to those Bostanians and to those who had to witness it and ugh! Too much... there's just too much.

~Singer Not a Dancer~

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I can't help it (rant)

Posted by: SASHAZ

GET OVER IT.... and leave them alone is all I've got to say (IDiotS... y'all, oh.. and wasting your time, you Cannot Force them to DO anything And WHY would you WANT to ?!?!?!?!)

a TRUE fan
MCR ~ live your life guys... whilst ignoring this fan shit


I had posted a blog for MCR to do one final world tour, and this is a comment I received.

I was grieving. Of course I wanted something more of the band. We tend to want more than we can get, and we tend to not realize what we have until it's gone.

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Just go to the link... you won't regret it

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I really should be sleeping right now, but I couldn't leave without wishing Gerard a SUPER AWESOME-TASTIC HAPPY BIRDAY!!

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Sign the petition for MCR to go on one last world tour

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It's official, guys. At least Gee gave us a proper good-bye.