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The World is Ugly

I didn't know what else to do, i thought here would be the best place to post what I am feeling because there are thousands of you feeling exactly how i feel. Honestly the best word I can come up with right now is broken. Knowing they wont be making any more music, going on just hurts. Ive been a fan for almost 10 years now and they have always been there for me though the worst and best of times. Every album came out at the perfect point in my life, there's never been a song i hate, or a music video I didn't find incredible.

Thank you MCRmy

I have realized i never blog on here. 0.o I am always on twitter now lol Some what an addict actually. But hey first step is admitting it right! :p I think i should come on here more often. I love this site, plus everyone here is a fan, or i should say family. :D The MCRmy is amazing and i just hope you guys know your ALL beautiful and wonderful and you may not know it, but its not just MCR who get my through tough times, you guys are always there to listen to! So thank you!

Demo Lovers Hoodie

I WANT THE DEMO LOVERS HOODIE SO BAD! its just perfect! AND THEY HAVE NO SMALLS! Now i am debting getting a medium and having my mom make it smaller for me, or waiting for them to get more smalls. But then i worry then wont have any left and wont restock them. Sigh whats a girl to do?