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Not Thanks Enough

Guys this is shocking, I don't know in what way...
When I was just a teenager, the world was spinning fast, walls begin to crack up, and I was alone, hated, sad and angry, but then, your strong lyrics and music met me, traveled all way down my nerves and I feel like someone was on my side, someone supporting me, feeling the same pain as me. When the world was about to end, you guys saved me.
My Chem was there, telling me not to let down, never give up.

I always had admire all of you, but I feel something special for Gerard, back in those dark days my first step towards light was "I want to be like Gerard" to overcome my depression, to achive my highest dreams, the most crazy ones, the ones people don't belive I can achive... I love your drawings, I love your voice, and I love the way you live life, you teach me a great lesson.

You shared your energy.
You lightened my candle.
You took down the darkness.
You encourage me to over come myself.