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Straightjacket, we miss you so much please come back and talk to us again, I miss you so much and you've touched so many hearts. You've helped me through so much, please let us help you. Please, you're my best friend

Sidtastic007 aka GalaXY TwinZ

This is a continuation of my recently posted blog. So, in case you are a tl:dr person (which is the peopleI hate the most. Fucking ignorant assholes.....sorry), here's a small details about the artists.

Bunkface-my only favourite local band in Malaysia. Their songs can be patriotic rock, rock anthem, faithful love rock, less emo more punk rock, pop punk like Green Day and Simple Plan, teen angst and anarchy rock. And they also do acoustic. The band included three members: Sam the vocalist and rhythm guitarist,

Amy Search- A legendary classical rockstar in Malaysia. Not a girl, that is a fact.

Rentak Laguku (The Rhythm of My Song/My Rhythm)

Hey, beautifuls.
So it has been quite awhile since I last listened to the local radio because I am not very supportive with local music in my country. One reason: because they are all so pop and too cheesy and too emotional that it is too hard to swallow all those lyrics and rhythm. Another problem are the lyrics. Don't get me wrong, there are good lyrics with beautiful words but they are beautiful words that feels meaningless at times. And some that are supposed to be pop rock, are just soooooooo lyrically lame.

Am I The Only One Who Ever Thought About A Danger Day Game For Consoles And PC?

Hello, beautiful people. I hope and wish you well. I am not taking a break from making Killjoy badges, just dealing with my departure for work and resubmission of college projects. More of those badges coming your way...if you did request one.
Anyway, as the title said, I just woke up from this bizarre idea of a game based on My Chemical Romance's Danger Day album. I don't know if there ever was a game based on that, but I'm talking about a very, very different game. A very HUGE game that can be played on any console including PC (what? I'm a PC user. I don't have PS4 or XBOX ONE....yet).

Killjoy Badges: 2nd impact (2nd batch: iamnotokay, jaybee, unimonster)

Hello, beautifuls.
This is another batch of KILLJOY BADGES and one of them I made different versions of it because they all look awesome to me, haha.
Oh, again--HAPPY NEW YEAR to you guys and hope our new year will be better than yesteryears.
If there are any wish for a redo (to the requested people), please don't hesitate to ask me so.
If there are anyone who wants one, fill up your Killjoy ID on this form:

Killjoy Name :
A Killjoy since :
First MCR song :
Fav MCR song :
Killjoy song :
Killjoy phrase :
Colours :

To the Killjoys with badges I have made but they didn't get to see

Happy New Year!!!

Yeah....that's all I have to say...:P

Finally, after having college problems, Christmas holiday (Happy holidays and Happy New Year to you all beautiful maniacs), New Years shopping, I am pleased to announce my first batch of KILLJOY ID SYMBOLS (or Killjoy Badge) !!!!!!
And since I couldn't upload three pictures now on here, I will show one and give the link to these Killjoy badges.
If there are any wish for a redo (to the requested people), please don't hesitate to ask me so.
If there are anyone who wants one, fill up your Killjoy ID on this form:

Killjoy Name :
A Killjoy since :
First MCR song :
Fav MCR song :
Killjoy song :

Very weird....

I could have sworn that I made a re-blog of Straight Jacket's important message here half a day ago. Very strange indeed...

To All Loki's Fan...Girls.....Really?

Take a look at this video and answer this: Really? Is this the reason why you have so much attraction towards this literally godly supervillain?
If your answer is "yes"....and a "maybe"...and a "possibly"....and an "I don't know" that seems questionable....then ladies--without a desire to be very offensive towards your precious heart....

....You have a very weird taste of male attraction. But who I am to judge your sensitive tongue? I'm a guy for God's sake, so I wouldn't even understand a lady's complex desires.


My ex decided to unfriend me on facebook and doesn't want to talk to me anymore!
Freedom! It's a small smash on my fragile heart but I don't care. Because I am done with her!

I could have unfriended her in the first place, but Swoozie said to just "ignore your ex. no being friends. unfollow her on twitter, youtube, tumblr, facebook--don't unfriend her on facebook, but ignore her messages, her facebool wall posts, everything. Once started, it has to end--forever."
And I can see why I shouldn't. It's best not to let the worse happened from my own hands, but only happened from my ex.