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Don't get me wrong.
I really, really, really love my friends. I care for them so much. No matter what kind of troubles they are in, I'd never give up worried and trying to help them, to give them my all, so I could see them happy.

But they're not me. They're not the friends that can help me get through with bad stuffs.
And that is because I am an asshole, most of the time.
1. I can be so needy for company
2. I am always over-sensitive and may have mood swings a lot.
3. I always overthink everything too much.
4. And most of the time, I would grow emotionally attached to my friends, no matter who. Like I would start thinking of getting that friendship bond to a serious relationship bond.
5. And when I overthink such things, I'd get seriously depressed and a complete buzzkiller.
6. And when that happens, I have an argument and conversation with my split personality.
7. I am an asshole.

My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words (cover)

It has been a tradition to post a song I made or cover on this blog.
And it has been a very long time since I uploaded anything on my youtube channel.
And for that, I apologize for my great absence.

This is will be the first upload this year, and surely it won't be the last--I promised you.
I'll let this description tells more:

Hey ladies and gents. I apologize for being inactive for a long time. It has been a stressful time ever since.
So, in an ironic fashion, I made a comeback cover--which is this!
And I do hope you all enjoy Famous Last Words: The Piano Cover.

Nothing In Particular

Ugggggh, I gotta stop revisiting Tumblr now.
It depresses me, somehow. It puts me in the urge of burning the blue site to red aflame--and murder people's dreams, nightmares, desires & unwanted.
I'm dead serious.

But it's nothing--nothing in particular. v3v


Before I blow the dust in my eyes and off to glimmer slumber, I'm just responding to Jackie's earlier post (or was it yesterday's??)

Word of The Day:
Fast(-ing) -- it is a practice in which one avoids from eating and drinking from dawn until dusk. In certain religions such as Islam, it is also a practice in which one controls his/her urges, swears, desires and negative emotions from Subuh (time before sunrise) until Maghrib (time after sunset). (Why am I explaining this? Because I think it is best that one should learn another's cultures and beliefs to understand one another.)

Music of The

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

It's good. better than the rest, in my opinion......nuff said. Bye.

Someone actually hacked into this site

I'm not sure if you guys have notice this before, but there's a kitten dancing on the NEWS section of this site, to a "I Like To Move It" song. =_=;
I'm already depressed and mad enough to find it funny and cute at the moment.

FirstL Fuck Me, Second: The Hunting Party Review

First thing first. I fucking hate myself and it is because of a small yet big thing. When I was writing the review on this blog, I was trying to move the horizontal cursor to the left by holding shift and scroll down. And little did I know, that action causes the internet to go back to a previous page. I wasn't able to cancel the process and when I went back to the blog page, all those efforts of putting all of my stupid jokes and passionate criticisms on my review fucking gone!

maybe i just need to be alone or something

Because normally, I would say hi to all my friends and besties on chats. And i have, not a lot, but they came from different chat apps and social networks but one thing that we all have in common is that we all love My Chemical Romance (and also, we like video games, animes, few fandom shows and movies, and Japan!). But, this has not been very recent, but I've been chatting them less and less. I know I'm the problem and I want to solve it. I want to start talking again, but then I lost my will. I give up and never bothered.

I Never Watched The Sixth Sense....Until Now

Really, I'm really honest here. I never, ever, ever have seen the movie who said to be M. Night Shyamalaman (God, why???)'s great works before he went into the pitfall. And I'm pretty sure everyone here knows what I'm talking about. (Because you guys already read the title...soooo...)

Until I watched the movie tonight and I'm so caught up with the movie, I couldn't focus on my project right now (Oh, seriously I feel like giving up right now). But before I said anything about the movie, there is something I want to say.

Firstly, I want to say WHAT I KNOW about the movie before I watched the


I just watched it today and it's still freshed in my mind even after watching other people gave views on the movie. I remembered how I react towards the movie and towards the viewers sitting beside me (seriously, I don't know what's so funny.