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Where'd you go?

~where'd you go?
~I'm worried so,
~It's been longer than usual,
~I might have done wrong,
~Be okay, I hope.

"Like Creating Adam's Sons" by ME (^.^)<(teehee)

Not everyone knows me, but I am an architect-in-training! It's supposed to be my last semester, but I had to add a new semester for certain reasons. But that doesn't matter. I will still do my best this year. :)
Speaking of best, last week I sent my "Design Statement" which is basically a start in making our portfolio. And I am one of the students who had an overall good and positive comments. Yay! :D
So without further ado, I wish to share you guys my design statement when I design architecture. Enjoy! :)


During The Festival

Sooooooooooooooooooooo hellooooooo everybody!
This is me in a yukata, making faces because that's how I smile, haha! Don't get creeped out, haha! XP

Anyway, I'm doing fine today, but I must go to bed now. Goodnight! :D

I Wanted To Buy Their Albums

But the hard copies of Hesitant Alien and Stomachache albums haven't come out in Malaysia yet. :/
I want to know if your places like UK and Australia have the albums come out already and when--it may possibly help me predict when the albums may come out here...possibly. :P

Yesterday Was Awesome!!!

Earlier post, I talked about the Bon Odori Festival.
I went there with the members of the Anime Society. Of course they were just acquaintances and strangers who likes animes, mangas, games & Japanese culture just as me. But I don't give a fuck of how lonely I was in the bus, because just as the festival started, I had a fucking blast dancing and recording and taking pictures of the whole event! But I personally think the best part was watching the taiko drummers play their instruments. It was amazing and beautiful! :D
I hope next time I could go to this festival again with my online friends! I'm sure they'd love to go to such festival! And we all will be wearing our yukatas and looking fabulous as fudge cakes and sundaes!! <333 ;D

I Can't Wait For Saturday :D

There's going to be the Bon Odori Festival here and it's a part of the Japanese culture! How can I say no to that?! I even bought a yukata just for this moment.....the moment to become.....a JAPANESE! *^*

~Turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so~

Best Day Ever *Insert Awesome Emoticon*

When I got back from an okay site visit, my friends stumbled upon their old works from our past semesters in an exhibition which was still being furnished at that time. And as I looked all around the room through the window, to my big surprise, I found my work hanging on the wall along with the rest.

It was my previous semester work--a timeline board that shows the--I'm going to put the picture here so that you can easily "get the picture" (skadoosh!)

And it was my only group work that I worked on alone, because I got no one to worked with.

(Let me make it clear: the project was supposed to be a group work, but because the rest of the students already have their group and all groups are full, I decided to do it alone. And God fucking I can't believe it, I actually did it with flying colours!)

I thought I was dreaming

But I did wrote that post, haha. :P

Emailing to my friend

Recently, I started emailing to my dearest friend who I never forget and I always missed searly.
She was an MCRmy member before she left with "I quit" in her very last post.
She left after the break up.
She has been missing for a year now.
And I missed talking to her.
So with given chances, I emailed her now.
I always start with my prayer:

I hope you're resting well and with no suffering,
If you're still around, you can always haunt me,
If it makes you feel better, I'll carry your nightmares,
If you pardon me, I wish you'd hear my tears.

I cannot lie, but I wanted to believe that she is reading my emails.
But I never expect her to reply at all. I never.
I just want her to be my listener only, forever always.
She can laugh, she can cry, she can hate, and she can love.
No more no less, I just want my long lost friend to be my friend until my death.
Because she is the only person who can.
You're the only person who understands.

I Just Don't Understand

((Avoid this if you don't want to hear my frustration. I wasn't supposed to rant but this issue really frustrates me as it has been around me ever since I got friends online. So, please forgive me for venting. Please, do avoid this blog no matter what. Thank you. ooo))

If your friend asks you if he ever done anything wrong that make you feel unhappy and if he is willing to change, will you tell him even if it hurts?
Because I would if a friend asks me. IF he or she ASKS me if they done something wrong to me.
But few of my friend wouldn't even answer me when I asked. Seriously, that's a really big problem, man. If they continue being like this, I can never learn my mistakes. I can never change. I can never be a better person. Is that really what they want? Do they want me to stay being a bad person? Do they want me to continue behave badly?
I don't. If it makes my friend unhappy that I unintentionally behave badly, then I would not do that again.