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What's Up?

Up here we have the white ceiling that hides the true saviour of being radiated by the ultraviolet ray of sunlight and the heavy tears and solid screams of the sad sky.
Oh, and let's not forget the night itself.

Anyway, what's up with you guys?

I just about to go back home after studying for tomorrow's exam but just had to listen to My Chemical Romance tracks in separated instruments. Aside from that, I had already made one of my best friends' birthday present, and it is actually an 8-bit rpg/puzzle game I made for her. And it is actually the first game I made. Hopefully, she will enjoy it after downloading the game.
I'm gonna admit, making the game was really fun and oddly addicting. It actually stray me away from doing my college works. It is complicated and frustrating too, but when you get what you need, you "yay" and "thank God" for what you want.

Happy 18th Birthday To Starlight!

Honestly, I have been making too many birthday songs and I don't mind since the fact that the infamous Birthday Song is copyrighted! :P
Anyway, I also try to do something different than I lazily do. Like using Skyrim as my "filming studio".
Anyway, this video and song is for you, Starlight! Happy birthday! :D

Don't Flag Me Or Find This Depressing, For I Only Wish To Ask A Harmless Question

I would to ask of you all:

If you ever think about making a murder scene, what is your murder song?
Or if you ever think about doing "naughty" & "evil" things, what is your evil song?
Like in Clockwork Orange, the main anti-hero/antagonist would sing to "Singing In The Rain" when he and his gangs cause a nightmare in a couple's home. He would also listen to classical songs (specifically Mozart's, I believe? Or Beethoven's?) and he would think of all the nasty things he done, happily.
And I believe Hannibal also has his own cynical song? (I really need to rewatch the movies)

Like the title said, please don't find this somewhat odd or bad or anything. This is not to trigger anyone's thought of causing a murder scene. This is in quotation, a survey. Sooooooooo, don't go murder anyone....


What's up, y'all?

Hello, yet again

I start to sneeze again just seconds ago, and I'm pretty sure I might getting yet another flu and cold. The third time this month.
By the way, I'm terribly bad about seasons, so is October the month of fall? Just wondering.
Anyway, it's about the time of Halloween, and I never celebrate it before (belief restrictions yada yada yada). So I was wondering how do you guys celebrate Halloween when you were younger....and when you were (or are) teenager(s)....and when you are adult? I only know that you can wear whatever the freaky shits you want to wear on that time of the year, and there's "Trick or Treat" which I guess, it's for the kids (though, I wish I could do that for once even when I'm not young)...
I honestly think that the best part of Halloween (or any other celebrations) is during before the day--the preparations day. Because you do more crafting and making and buying and designing. And that is my kind of party, haha.

Sooooo :)

My hun here likes this song and believes it resembles us.
And I like the song thanks to her. And yes, this will be our love song. :D
Love ya, beautiful.

The Best Cover I've Seen This Year (And Probably My All-Time Favourite!!)

Good morning, killjoys!
So who doesn't love Sweet Child O' Mine? It's a beautiful piece of rock music! :D
And people try to make an awesome cover of this song....
And one of them stood up the most!! And it is fucking, godly, unbelievably, awesome cover I have ever heard this year.
God, it makes me want to dance here and there all day and all night! Babe, this is for you!....Well, if you enjoyed Jazz as well.....
Anyway, this is also for all those jazz listeners out there. You got to listen to these beasts play! Umph! Fucking Awesome! >w<
This is a cover of Guns N Roses' Sweet Child O' Mine by the New Orleans Jazz band!

Where'd you go?

~where'd you go?
~I'm worried so,
~It's been longer than usual,
~I might have done wrong,
~Be okay, I hope.

"Like Creating Adam's Sons" by ME (^.^)<(teehee)

Not everyone knows me, but I am an architect-in-training! It's supposed to be my last semester, but I had to add a new semester for certain reasons. But that doesn't matter. I will still do my best this year. :)
Speaking of best, last week I sent my "Design Statement" which is basically a start in making our portfolio. And I am one of the students who had an overall good and positive comments. Yay! :D
So without further ado, I wish to share you guys my design statement when I design architecture. Enjoy! :)