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No Luck/Solo

In this pretty busy week, I'm still hanging out here, read family's blogs, comment some, and tell them to Stay Alive. Seriously, if I want to be the president, my motto would be, "STAY ALIVE!". And then, posters of me all say, "Stay Alive!". It's a strong message using two words and an exclamation mark.
Wait, why am I rambling about that?! I'm supposed to talk about my band project ZUK 1's.
As you all know, I posted a music audition blog for everyone to show me their awesome musical talent and I'll pick one of them to be a part of this project.
Unfortunately, not a single person wants to be a


This is to all my friends and acquaintances, long lost brothers and sisters of MCRmy. You guys are like a family to me. This song is originally made by me and once known as Untitled Symphony #3.
It is my favourite song among any songs I made because everytime I play this song, it gives me strength to keep on living. Wether I'm in sadness or in pain, I always humming, banging and tapping my fingers to this song anywhere I am without my piano.
This song, I hope, it makes you smile as I was, it gives you hope as I had, it gives you reasons to live on as I am now.
Stay beautiful, stay strong,

Stay Alive/MCRmy

Ok, this is to all who is still haunted with NIGHTMARES, hated by your OWN families and friends, still in deep DEPRESSION, self-haters and whose hearts are LOST IN THE cold winter SNOW.


When I said WE ARE all FAMILY, I mean it. I really, really, really mean it. And when a member is sinking into the ground, that makes me feel horrible to see one fall. It makes me feel like I'm a terrible person for letting one go because I know I have the chance to GIVE someone HOPE but I DON'T because I LET it GO.
I am here, we're all here to listen and talk about your situations.


I don't know why but my heart feels heavy that it might drop onto my stomach. Everytime I move, I can feel my heart hanging and swing a little. It's not some kind of disease or something, I swear.
Seriously, what is this negative feeling? Not only that, it happens when I'm on this site. Seriously, I don't know why. Am I feeling alone? Or maybe I just need attention? Maybe that's why I write this piece of shit? Maybe that's why I wrote those stupid blogs lately? I'm an internet...what's a guy version of whore?
Come on, dammit! I'm a fucking man for crying out loud!

Untitled Symphony #2/Video

Hello, my beautiful family! X)
How are you guys doing? I hope you guys have a beautiful week. :)
Anyway, if you don't mind, why not listen to my second composition of Untitled Symphony.
Let me know what do you think and what it should be name instead of Untitled Symphony #2. ;)
Have a nice day! :D


Just list out my old blogs, that's all. Go check it if you want. But make sure you aren't a "tl;dr" person. Because my blogs are looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong as this word. ;)


short brief: the first blog I made on this site. For my first blog, I wrote a lyric called "Drifting Through Space"

short brief: a submission video for MCR contest. A cover of my favourite song, "The Only Hope For Me Is You"

Random/Favourites Part 2

Another more favourites coming their way:

Old Rock:

The Beatles (Stand By Me) (Yesterday)
Aerosmith (I Don't Want To Miss A Thing) (Janie's Got A Gun)
The Cranberries (Zombie) (Zombie)
Queen (We Are The Champion) (Bohemian Rhapsody)
Led Zeppelin (Stairways To Heaven) (Stairways To Heaven)
Guns N Roses (Sweet Child of Mine) (Sweet Child of Mine)
Nirvana (Heart-shaped Box) (Smells Like Teen Spirit)
U2 (Vertigo) (???)
The Police (I'll Be Watching You) (I'll Be Watching You)
Blur (Song 2) (Song 2)
The White Stripes (Icky Thump) (Seven Nations Army)
KISS (I Was Made For Loving You) (???)

Random/Favourites Part 1

I'm bored and felt like sharing my favourite musicians to my beautiful family here ;)

Rock 2000s:

My Chemical Romance (first song: Helena) (favourite song: Famous Last Word)
Linkin Park (Numb) (Bleed It Out)
Simple Plan (Welcome To My Life) (Welcome To My Life)
Weezer (Perfect Situation) (Perfect Situation)
Slipknot (Psychosocial) (Dead Memories)
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Face Down) (Your Guardian Angel)
Fall Out Boy (Sugar, We're Going Down) (Thnks Fr Th Mmrs)
Panic At The Disco (I Write Sins Not Tragedies) (Northern Downpour)
Fun. (We Are Young) (We Are Young)
Blink-182 (All The Small


I read a lot of my family's blogs (which is you guys :) ) and most of them are how much they hate a person or more for breaking their hearts, making things worse for them and, live and born to be a part of my family's scars.

Everytime I read them, I would really wish and want to ask them, "Do you want me to kill them?" Yeah, I'm a freaking lunatic but that's just how I felt when someone pisses my family off.
I don't care if it is a brother, a sister, a mother, a father, a friend, or an exboyfriend, or better bullies, I would gladly kill them all because I don't give a heart to someone who


When I was looking up my old lyrics, I stumbled upon one peculiar lyric that I wrote back in high school. It is called "Ghost", based on my real life. Man, I was such an emo back then.

~What's the meaning of life if you're a ghost?~
~What's friendship if nobody knows?~
~Why am I here? No one cares~
~Why don't they see me? Am I really a ghost?~

~Sometimes I felt like no one knows my existence~
~No matter how hard I make them notice me~
~But no one hears me~

~Am I a ghost?~
~God, am I a ghost? Coz no one cares about me~
~No one hears my scream~
~No one knows me~
~Am I a ghost?~

~I have