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(Notice: I'm talking only singles in here, not the whole songs)

What the hell happened to these guys?! Why the hell did they ruin the chorus of "Turn Up The Love" with that...inappropriate beat after the chorus?! It was beautiful! That type of beat worked on "Live My Life" because it fuse with the chorus like sausage and bread (with mustard and chilli sauce and pepper). This one is like fish and bread and it doesn't taste good (I'm not talking about fish fillet's a little good).

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Musicians/Today Part 4 (Ending Maybe)

I hate country songs. I'm sorry to those love it but I really, really hate it.
Those songs are so annoying, especially when a male/female singer sang them with a cowboy accent. Seriously effinoying (effin-annoying)!!!

When you wish the things you hate would just go away, leave you in peace, it doesn't. It just comes back to you and sometimes it'll be forever living inside your life!!! For instance, when I've been trying to keep myself away from country songs for years, they came back through my favourite radio channel.

(Take a deep breath, breath out)

Wait, I'm talking about genre rather than musician. Now that I mention it. I only hate country songs because of when a singer sang them in a terrible way.

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Musicians/Today Part 3

Has anyone heard of Gerard Way featured in Deadmau5's newest single, "Professional Grieffers" as well as watched their music video? Of course you guys have. We're in the mutha-effin MCR's websites where we can get all kinds of news about their updated memories. I gotta say, I really, really love Deadmau5's beats and songs. This is what I called a passionate DJ. The first time I heard Deadmau5 is his song, "Ghosts N Stuffs". It was epic symphony. But when Rob Swire put his vocals and lyrics into the mix, it's an adventure to a whole new world. When Deadmau5 puts that Deadmau5 helmet, he reminded me of Daft Punk and damn did I really, really miss them.

Now, that I began and ended talking about Deadmau5, let's start new topic about DJs.
What does DJ do?
-They make music using scratchboard and computers
-They do remix but also make their own songs using samples from other songs
-They usually play upbeat, dance, party, club songs/mixes

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Last Saturday was a very bad day for me. It was nightmare that came true. I was on a boating trip with some of my friends in the lake forest. The boatdriver was a ranger. He drove the boat very fast. I was looking around the forest until we had an accident. I don't know how but they said the ranger crashed the boat to a dead tree in the lake (by the way, this lake was actually a flooded area due to the dam constructed near the area. As a result, a lot of dead ground-borned trees). Everyone in the boat was safe except me. When it happened, I was totally blacked out. But they said, they found me trying to swim out of the water (I guess, another part of me tried to save 'our' life).

Moments later, I woke up, dizzy, felt the pain on my face. In front of me were my friends looked at me in shocked and horribled. I asked to one of my friend, "What--happened?"

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Musicians/Today Part 2

The last blog I posted was about popular artists started to make songs, in either bad or good way, as a result, we listened to very, very bad songs on the radio. (Luckily, there's more than one radio channel and they play their own kind of genres which is really great) Now, I'm talking about the newest artists doing music in their own way. Some are indies and some are singers who sing someone's music.

Who should I start first? Or which band should I start first? OR WHICH BOYBANDS should I start first? Let's look at (drum roll please) One Direction. Hmmm, how should I put this? They're..

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Musicians/Today Part 1.2

This is a continuation discussion about this year's popular musicians' good/bad music.

There's another singer that I want to talk about: Katy Perry.

Wait wait wait! Don't get your pitchforks just yet. Katy Perry isn't all that bad. I think she was great. She looks like an 18 year-old girl who has dreams, teenage dreams. She was all over the radio for all the teenagers to hear. I really like her songs for her previous album, one of my 2011's Favourite is "Fireworks". Why? It's a teenage spirit anthem, telling you to keep shining brighter than the stars. Very inspirational, very original. "California Girls" was the bomb. It's not like all the sex party songs at all. From my point of view, it's all about getting hooked up with beautiful girls at the beach, overshines the sun and make us nearly blind. I like Snoop Dogg's rap here. The lyric suits well to the music.

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Musicians/Today Part 1

To be honest, I really have a mixed feelings of today's popular musicians and singers. Some are likeable, others might be on my "Stalking List" (Not that I mean it literally), others (or should I say most) already on my "Ain't-No-Way-They-Go-On-My-Favourites-List List". And most musicians that you heard on radio is pop songs.

Don't get me wrong. I do like pop, but today's pop just...(deep breath-in) terrible. The songs just don't match with the musician's voice; love lyrics 'nickelback to' (see what I did there? I love them, but a lot criticize their lyrical content is...bad.) drunk, sex feeling lyrics; but the worst of all is how awful they make something that is almost beautiful into an ugly troll.

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The title says it all...It's quite a long time since I've been blogging on My Chemical Romance's website.

Let's start something simple that's happening around me lately:

-I just got to 2nd semester of bachelor degree safely this week
-I made peace with my enemy
-I'm still single (yet)
-I went back to my hometown last month for our yearly traditional gathering during The Eid of Raya and received a little less pocket money from every relatives but it was better than nothing
-I had a very realistic nightmare but we'll get into that later
-I just realized that my (people claimed) worst cover on Youtube has the most views than any other videos
-Speaking of videos, I already uploaded a short documentary/summary video of two couple architects, Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue
-(What else?...)
-I just found the music video and the song I've been searching for a very, very long time. (Thank you, God!)

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I just dreamed about her again and this time, it felt so so so so real than the last time i dreamed her. here's the story:

I dreamed i was on facebook, looking up some status and all. then, i look at her status and it said "Helena and Sid are in a relationship" (that's not her real name, but its closed to how it sounds like). my heart beat so fast(really, really fast like its coming out of my ribs) and, i think i blushed. suddenly, she chat me about it. i can't remember some of what she said and what happens afterwards, but i know that she "want us to start now, instead of yesterdays". (thats what she said, i think)

That dream really felt so good and peaceful, quite surprising but still--it's like heaven, i guess. i dont want to wake up(seriously, i really dont want to wake up) but i had to leave that dream. i had to leave her. but when i wake up, i can't stop thinking about her, now that i start to love her again.

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it's been awhile since ive visited this site and when i found out there's a contest held, i was TOO late. A WEEK TOO LATE!!! T_T

well, there will be (no) next time for me, especially when the prize was the Danger Days jacket(i want Party Poison's!!! >o<;). but i wish the contestants a very good luck. :)