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Let's Get A Kik-Start With A Little Kik Towards Kik Messenger!!!

Soooo doesn't make sense hihi! XP
But if you beautifuls (especially my lovely friends) have a kik messenger, that will be freaking awesome for all of us, especially when we can't use our laptop or computer but your portable net-gadgets! :D
My username is "Sid Haven", ok?! It starts with Sid and ends with Haven...that is really a stupid joke...anyway, have a beautiful day everybody!! XD

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Why Cant I Do Anything Right Today?!!! IM LOSING MY MIND AND....FUCK!!!

I fucking hate myself right now!! Its almost Valentines Day and I cant do anything right at all!! I gave all my beautiful friends an ecard so they can give it to their loved ones....but I am such a fucking idiot, such a fucking asshole, to not realize that some of them hate Valentines Day!!! AAAAAHHH!!!!! I am fucking hate myself! I am such a fucking retarded faggot!!! Not only that, I believed i hurt most of my beautiful friends hearts with my fucking stupid, retarded Valentine ecard idea too. Especially to my beautiful good friend RadioStar37. I am sure i made her so mad at me right now because i havent heard from her since last 2 nights after i messaged her about the ecard. GRRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Why cant i do anything right at all?!!! All i want is to make everyone happy during Valentines Day. Instead, I made it worse, being a motherfucking douchebaggot!!! And I also got scolded for almost breaking the TV cable unknowingly when I tried to fix the WiFi!

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Share This Valentine E-Card

Share this to the person you truly love and care,
Before the special day comes to an end,
Share this to the person who truly loves and cares about you the Companion Cube.


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A Blog of A Blog About My Yesterday City

Hey, guys. So, a week ago, I had a field trip to Malaysia's Yesterday City called Malacca and I decided to write a blog about it with pictures and sketches of what I was doing during the field trip. The link to my blogs about what happened during the field trip--I feel like I'm repeating myself down here. So, please do read and leave a comment (if not there, then here can as well) if you have anything to say or ask. Thank you for your time.

p/s: I'll be posting sketches on my Blogspot soon. Have a good day.

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Something Good Will Come...

13 February 2013....something good will you guys better keep an eye out for my newest blog on that date.

That's all. Have a good weekend.

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Turning Japanese//Hairstyle... =.=;

-sigh- What a joker's night...
My hair just grew longer over the past months and it's long enough for me to try one of those Japanese anime hairstyles hihi. ^u^
So, my grandma just made one tying my hair until I looked like this...only that it looked stupid on me.... No! Nah-ah! No way I'm gonna show you guys how I REALLY look like!! >n<;;
My siblings, cousin, and aunt laughed and teased me with girly, stupid names and stuffs. T.T Whatever, like hell I care about their laughs and teasing. Besides, it's only for tonight, so better have some 'fun' with it haha.
...oh, how much I love my grandma haha. ^^

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Burn Bright/Surrender The Night

Three words: Love, Awesome, Beautiful :D :D :D

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Ex Pair of Mental/Too Pain To Save

This is the fourth of song out of the EP album I am currently doing for my solo band project (because no one wants to be a part of the dream band T.T), Ex Pair of Mental. "Too Pain To Save" is a song that happened after the man created a new soul in him, telling him to stay away and never care about anyone in this world because they never care about him, either. But there's this one good friend who is on the same boat as him. Only the difference is, the good friend hasn't yet created a new soul within her. He really wants to help her so badly but his heart still in so much pain after a double heartbreak.

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Killjoy ID???/Killjoy Symbols!!!

I heard there's this thing called Killjoy ID and Killjoy symbols, so I felt like want to be a part of it.

Killjoy ID: GalaXY TwinZ
Since: 2005
First Song: Helena
Favourite Song: Famous Last Words
Killjoy Song: The Only Hope For Me Is You
Killjoy Phrase: "Just save yourself, I'll hold them back tonight!"
Colour: Blue
Symbol: "Part of Me is A Scar" Symbol
Status: Active

------------------------------------------Fairy*In*Disguise's Killjoy IDs----------------------------------------------
Killjoy ID :Adrenaline Infatuation
Since: 2005
First song: Helena
Favorite song: Famous Last Words
Killjoy Song: Planetary (Go!)
Killjoy Phrase: "Blow a kiss at the methane skies
See the rust through your playground eyes"
Color: Pink
Symbol: "Earth's Great Detonation Day"
Status: Active

Killjoy ID: Cyanide Exploitation
Since: 2005
First song: Helena
Favorite song: Hang em High
Killjoy Song: s/c/a/r/e/c/r/o/w

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Ex Pair Of Mental/I'll Help You Way Out

I'm really glad that I'm still living and want to live for my beautiful friends. I can think of a million tragedies that would occur if I'm gone.