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Feel Like Posting Something First While I'm Finishing My Artworks :D

1. Any scars? YESSSSSS!!! AND I LOVE THEM!!!! XD
2. Crush? Most of the time with every girl I see....what? I have a "Crush At First Sight" syndrome!! Don't judge me! XP
3. Kissed anyone? Virtually, yes. :P
4. Coke or Pepsi? NEITHER!!!!! But if I have to, I would have Pepsi instead.
5. Someone you hate? I....don't know if I hate someone...or just strongly dislike them. :/
6. Best friends? YESSSS!! I called them my Beautiful Friends!! XD (Love you guys and girls! <333)
7. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? Nopety nopety nope nope nope. I take drugs when I'm sick, that's all.
8. What's

Hello, guys and girls. :D
First thing to say: To those who've been waiting for their Killjoy Symbols until now, I'm really sorry. I've been neglecting it lately, due to college projects that was needed to submitted yesterday and last Monday. One project was design a linear space and a centralized space with a themed "Journey For The Five Senses" using the concept of "Time". Another project is designing a skeletal structure that can lift up weight more than 10kg.
Despite all the stress and tireless nights, we did them successfully.

Do You Guys Remember "Stay Alive, You'll Be Fine"?

Well, if you don't know, it's a song I composed dedicated for all my beautiful friends on MCRmy. Well, not just my beautiful friends, it's for all the beautiful people in the MCRmy. It's a song that I made to give hope for you guys and girls. :)
Anyway, it just got a 100 views and I am really, truly happy that this song has made differences to your lives in a better way. I really want to thank you guys and girls for subscribe to me, for watching my other stuffs and also, for staying alive until now. :D
You guys are beautiful. Remember that. Both the outside and inside. :)

Stay beautiful, stay

Venom Heart's Killjoy Symbol Remake

To Venom Heart, I have post my own version on my other blog post. This one is your original symbol. I hope you like them. :)

Killjoy ID Symbols #6 (Shar-deenie, skullrose, VenomHeart)

Hello, my beautiful friends. :D
How are you all doing?! Here I got some new batch you might like. :)
Let me know what do you think, guys and girls.

1) "The Rise of The Unihorn"
Killjoy name: Bulletfire
Since. 2011
First song: Welcome To The Black Parade
Favourite song: Kill All Your Friends
Killjoy song: Unknown
Killjoy phrase: "Be a fabulous unihorn"
Colour: Black, red and green

2) "A Rose For My Scarlet Maiden"
Killjoy name: Skull Rose
Since: 2012
First song: Welcome To The Black Parade
Favourite song: What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison
Killjoy song: scearcrow

Killjoy ID Symbols (Celebrity Venom, Hidden Color, Shelly796)

GOOOOOOOOOOD!!! It's been a busy, terrible day for me, beautifuls!! DX
But despite that, I still making awesome Killjoy symbols for all the MCRmy who request for one and who I offered my artistry. :D
Here are a new batch and to me, they look fucking beautiful and awesome and I'm so glad I still have my creative mind in me. XD
Let me know what you guys think. Love you, beautifuls!

1) "Summer Fiery Eyes"

Killjoy Name: Celebrity Venom.
Since: 2012.
First song: Na Na Na / Helena
Favourite song: Hang 'em High
Killjoy song: Ain't It Fun (Paramore)
Killjoy phrases: "a single flame burning on blood"

Killjoy ID Symbols #4 (Deathwisher85, Kobra Poison, Sunshine Slaughter)

Hello, beautifuls! :D
Here's a new batch for today and coincidentally, it's related to "death". If you learn Japanese language and their Kanjis, the number 4 (四, shi) also means death (死, shi). So, it's considered as an unlucky number in Japanese beliefs (from what I learned). The first symbol is the Grim Reaper. The second is a cobra, the king of snakes with a death-potential venom. And the last symbol is the dying Earth (the purple represents the toxic water is one example).
Anyway, please let me know what do you think of these symbols. :)

1) "You Have A Deathwish? Here I Am"

Killjoy name:

Killjoy ID Symbols #3 (Panic System, Menacing Venom, Music Martyr)

Hello, beautifuls! Another batch of Killjoy symbols I made for the Killjoys I specified on the title. I'll be honest with you guys (and girls): This might not be the best batch I made. I've been pretty busy with my college stuffs and it really burn the passion fruit inside me slowly.

In other words, I'm losing my imagination to make really good symbols. So, if you (the Killjoys I stated in the title) don't really like your symbols, don't be afraid to ask me do another better one.

This Is For "To Every Enemy"

So, this is her killjoy named Hyper-Riot. And I saw one killjoy drew one for To Every Enemy as well and I think it's better than mine. But why I still upload this?
Because I promised.
Anyway, you may criticize my artwork however you want.

Killjoy ID Symbols #2 (To Every Enemy, Radio Star37, putonyourhappyface)

Eh wait, that's not what "Hello" means.

So, these are new Killjoy ID symbols I made for those who requested (and those that I offered my talent, hihi :P). Let me know what you guys think of these ones. :D

1) "He's My (Super) Hero"

Killjoy ID Name: Hyper-Riot
(MCR Fan) Since: 2005
First Song: Unknown
Favourite Song: All of 'em (Not a title. Really, all of their songs.)
Killjoy Song: Party Poison
Killjoy Phrase: "Stay dirty, stay dangerous", "You better run, motherfucker, my hands a quick pull trigger", "Let's ruin everything"
Colour: "firetruck"