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I'm Scared of My Friends

Not scared or worried or concerned for them. I am literally scared of them. I am frightened of them. Not all of them, but some. Everyone is weird and crazy, even me. But day by day, their true color start grow brighter and clearer--and they become even weirder than ever. To the point where monsters aren't the scariest thing to exist now. I start to have doubts if they really are "beautiful friends". Because they couldn't be this scary.
I cannot say what I mean and why I said so, because I am too afraid to say these things that made me scared of them. It literally blew my mind and my heart.

am i wrong--or am i wrong?

I'm not trying to be an asshole or a dick or everything negative, but hear me out. Although I agree that something should change in this site so that no one feels sad, depressed and all that is blue--but us guys as great, beautiful fans of the late MCR needs to learn to move on and never let these things haunt us forever until we die. We want MCR to be one of our most beautiful memories in a lifetime, not let it be our greatest nightmare came true.

We must carry on, we must live on, beautifuls. This site is not their grave.

yo lonestar yo

reblog this message from wherever you read it on any site at all, so if she goes online at all, she will see our message. please go along with this idea, I really want lonestar to see that we care. use, here, facebook, twitter, tumblr, deviantart, message it to her, just get this across to her, so she WILL see it, and know we care about her, and that she has soooo much to live for. it's been too long without her, she needs to return to the zones!! also add your killjoy name to the bottom of this blog when you reblog, so she can see how many people care. :)
xxx we love you lonestar xxx

Mikey Birthday Happy! :P

Say it with me! :D

!Mikey Birthday Happy!
!Birthday Happy Mikey!
!Happy Mikey Birthday!
!Birthday Mikey Happy!
!Mikey Happy Birthday!
!Happy Birthday Mikey!

I know...

. .

School of Rock Reunion Concert :DDDDDD

Dreams do come true. :3

To Chemical Insanity

I am very sorry for my long absent on your shoulder. I did not mean to hurt you this way. I did not mean to make you feel that I don't care about you anymore.
In truth, you are wrong. I care about you a lot but I am afraid of messing things up for you when my intention is to help you.
I hope that you still live strong so I can hear you one more time, and do things right from now on. I am very sorry for myself, and I am very sorry for your untamed sorrow.
I will be there for you, now and then. As long as you keep breathing for me.
God Speed Love, my dearest friend.

Psst! I Gotta Ask Something...

Do you guys have any really good acoustic songs or covers from any songs from MCR, Sleeping With Sirens, Bring Me The Horizon (especially this band), and Black Veil Brides?
If you have even better songs from any other band or singer, that would be awesome.
I just want---Do you know about mixtape? You find certain good, favourite songs on the radio and you recorded it on a small cassette tape, and you share it to your friends, your loved ones and even the person of your interest.

I don't believe in luck, so that's why I wsh for strength.
It's the first week of a new semester in my architecture course. So far, so good, don't worry about that. I'm just worried if I have to withdraw a certain subject because I may not be strong enough to handle the task given in that subject. Yeah, I'm doubting my future. Who doesn't do that all the time?
Anyway, I just need enough support to keep me sane, strong, and happy. Even if it is just a little (That's a lie--I want lots and lots of support!)
Also, I feel like I need to address something to some of you guys (especially my

A Challenge From Me (Because That's What Trendy Here, Right?)

What is your very first concert you ever went to in your entire life? And tell us how was it in detail and heart (if you have one)?