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Here's a new review for Linkin-Park-A-Thon!! I am discussing about one of my favourite albums of all time:

Minutes To Midnight

The link will be available in the comment section, so please do read it and enjoy.

Stay beautiful!

Sum 41 - Pieces (Cover)

Big Credits to:
-Sum 41 (for existing in my life. And hope you're feeling better, Mr. Whibley)
-Squad Studio (for making this game!!! This is one of the best space simulation game I ever played, I swear!!!)

Aaaah~ After a year, I'm baaack. It's time to put out some shit on Youtube!!!!
...because that's all I have in the garbage I've been living in...

Joke aside, last year I have been focusing on my college stuffs and the music stuffs I've done were uploaded on Soundcloud because making videos take time and effort....which is why this video came out a month late as promised (I don't think I

Simple Plan: Taking One For The Team Music Review



Link is in the comment section!
Stay alive, beautifuls!


Now that I got the whole MCR Death Day out of the Gee-Mikey Way, this is the new review!!!
Thanks for reading!! And stay beautiful!!!

Three Years Ain't Bad, Let's Make it for another Two Years!!

What I mean is that the love for MCR and what it stands as for me, still stay strong within me.
Does it mean I'm never carry on?
No. I have carried on, but never forget what they meant to me. They were my biggest inspiration, and they always will be.
My Chemical Romance is MY Chemical Romance.
Forever a Killjoy, forever a Parader, forever a Revenger, and forever a Bullet.

Stay alive, beautifuls!

WHATEVER to REVIEW| Panic! At The Disco's Death of A Bachelor MUSIC REVIEW

Hey, beautiful. I have been wanting to comment this one out for so long but I haven't gotten the time to make a proper review on it. Because of Miss Spam Filter, I can't write reviews on this blog, so I will post the link on the comment session.
The next album review will come up shortly, and I think you know what album it is.
If you have any album you would like me to listen to and give my thoughts on it, please let me know.
Hope you'll enjoy this review and please give your own thoughts of the album too.
Thank you and stay beautiful!

Sia & Eminem/Form of Expression

I really hate reading the Youtube comments most of the time. Sure, it is somewhat a place to express what you think about the video or the topic(s) in the video and I'm fine with people expressing their opinion...if they're even good.
What defines a "good" opinion? To me, a "good" opinion can be a positive feedback or a negative feedback. Both requires a reason, a proof or a theory (and then more proof to justify the theory) to somehow justify your reasoning, and the main point of writing the feedback. These requirements are especially needed to see more in a negative feedback.

Linkin Park-A-Thon!! Music Review....Moved Somewhere Else

Hey, beautifuls.
Sadly, I can't write a review at all on this stupid blog because of the stupid spam filter.
It's going to be tough just to talk about any kind of brands or TV shows or companies or games or franchises here now.
But then again, that's a good thing for you guys right? It's not like it matters.
Anyway, in any case you still want to read the review, I'll be doing it in my newly-created blog site. It is called "Whatever Review" on Blogspot.

Stay beautiful, and to Miss Spam Filter....thanks.


So, as obvious as it is, I am a big fan of Linkin Park's music. They have been around my radar ever since we had Cable TV. And I would go on MTV, Channel V and Hitz FM just to watch music videos from various huge artists around the 2000s. It was also the same era that I stumbled upon the many awesome rock artists and bands which stood out from what I called "Mediocre Rock" (or 2000's pop rock). The Strokes, Simple Plan, White Stripes, Slipknot, Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Daft Punk, Et Cetera (an expression but there is actually a Canadian band with that name so that's pretty cool.)

But we need to celebrate Xmas first.
We need to go to the cinema and watch THAT SPACE MOVIE.
We need to look at our past blogs and see how much of a fucking miserable attention whore we were in two-thousand fifte--oh wait, I forgot that the Community disappeared for almost the whole year.......I am a terrible person...

But seriously, that last part is really a joke on me, personally.