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The Future

This is something I think about often. Truly, I think about it ALL THE TIME. I used to be confident that I was going in the right direction but now I'm not so sure. I get pretty good grades in school, but I have a job now and am really invested in my fanfiction. I know, I know. The fanfiction is not nearly as important as finishing school, getting into a good college, etc. I can't help feeling attached to this story I've created though, and even the original characters that go with it. Yes, it is based off of My Chemical Romance but I feel like it goes much farther than that.

Late Night Blog

So, I haven't updated in a while save for a Merry Christmas post. Here it is!

Christmas was pretty sweet. I'm in Tennesee with my dad, who loved his gift from me, my sister got me a perfume that I've been lusting after pretty much since I was 10, and I got to see a lot of people; namely, my aunt, uncle, and cousins whom I love so much! A new backpack and art supplies were acquired, and also some Panic! at the Disco CD's my sister has to share with me.

Merry Christmas!

I know I'm like the three millionth person to post one of these, but you know what? We are all entitled to a little Christmas spirit. And so, my post joins the others that have posted before me.


Wherever you may be in the world, from L.A. to Belleville, from Spain to Russia, the Netherlands, or any other country I know I forgot, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas today filled with happiness and joy. Hug your family, your friends, or anyone around you. You know why? Because Christmas is a time for love and miracles.

Let's Never Do That Again...

I'm a fan of AmazingPhil on Youtube, so let's start with that. I found a video where he went through his google search history. It was pretty humorous, so I decided I would do that. I went to my google account and looked through it. Most of it was fruitless, like stuff for research papers and legal junk and whatnot. However, some where kind of funny. Such as:

why do people like blood on the dance floor?
why don't people like blood on the dance floor?
does anyone ship gerard way and grant morrison? (I DON'T BUT I WAS CURIOUS)
famous last words my chemical romance spanish
mail order fudge

Left Out?

Auditions for my school play are tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited! This year it is Cinderella, and this year I think I'll be daring and audition for the title role. Sometimes, though, I feel like my classmates don't even think of me as a part of the drama club. I've been doing these plays since the seventh grade, so I find that a little unfair.


There's a girl in my class, whom I do consider a friend, who is a very talented singer. She was talking with some kids in my first period class about auditions. She, too, is auditioning for Cinderella.

Today's MCR Process

So,I have ten minutes left in class and I decide that I am going to write a blog. It's my daily thing, to keep people updated and to express my feelings of the day. I type "", like I do every weekday, and find that things have changed.

It is no longer the message they posted on March 22, 2013. It is something new. They are offically announcing the release of their greatest hits. The album will not only their best songs though. Oh, no.

They are releasing the attic demos, previously unreleased stuff, and one of the LAST. SONGS. THEY. RECORDED. TOGETHER.

Not only that, but


I don't know if I should be excited because the weekend's here or bummed because it isn't really mine. Usually, I take the weekend to relax. Unfortunately, I have to work 6 am - 2 pm tomorrow and 7 am - 3 pm Sunday. So, it's not really much different from a school day except I don't have classes or homework. Except I do have homework; I have to work on a Spanish project that's due Tuesday and a short English paper due Monday. Sometimes I just wish I could take a TRUE break. By a true break, I mean one where I don't have work, school, or any work to look forward to.

Back on the work note, I

Thank You!

I posted a lengthy blog yesterday about my beliefs on MCR's breakup, the aftermath, and whatnot. I just want to post a broad THANK YOU to everyone who commented on it, or read it and didn't comment. I really appreciate both and hope that if it is any help to you. I know that it is a tough road, but it's only that way because it matters. (Commenters, you have a more personal message in your inbox. (: )

Even to those who scrolled past it; thank you for dealing with it being on your dash. :)

Okay, now I'll go back to listening to My Chemical Romance on shuffle and working on homework that was

The Vastness of The Idea

My Chemical Romance is done, and has been for nearly nine months now. I'm coming to terms with it, more or less. I understand that when it comes time, things just have to stop. What I'm having trouble with, more than the lack of new music, is the concept of it actually ending.

We still listen to the music. We still watch the interviews. We still watch the movies (if that's what you want to call Life on the Murder Scene and The Black Parade is Dead!).We still read (and write) the fanfiction. We still wear the t-shirts, and make the fanart, and talk about it, and...

I would go on, but you get

Another Quick Chemical Question!

Would it be inappropriate to wear a My Chemical Romance shirt to a Reggie and the Full Effect show?

The reason I'm asking is because my sister and I are going to see them in February, and I have a pretty sweet plan for what I'm wearing in mind. However, one of the garments is a My Chemical Romance muscle tank. James Dewees is the lead singer, and also known for doing keyboards for My Chem during their last few years of touring. Frank Iero is going to be there as well, probably doing guitar. So, I just wanted to know if it would be inappropriate/insensitive to wear it since their split.