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Fixed It!

Okay, I can get on the websites I can. I just had to fix my computer preferences.I really am a dunce sometimes.

Have a beautiful day!

Always with love,

Show Stopper

Tech Question?

I was trying to get on twitter this morning, but I was redirected to a page that told me I couldn't access it because it was "categorized as adult".


What the fuck? I could access it just fine yesterday, but now it won't let me. I also can't get on YouTube or My Chemical Romance Fanfiction. I got on all of those just fine yesterday.

So, my question is, "How do I fix this?" I fear I may not be able to, since it might be with the WiFi at my school. That is the only source of WiFi I have constant access to, so that is what I use.

I guess a better question is, "Can I fix this?"

On a more

Part One of...?

It sure has been a while, Killjoys, but I'm back and (maybe) better than ever!

My sister and I went to see MSI at the end of March, and it was amazing! Even though the only other show I'd been to was Pentimento/Dads/Reggie and the Full Effect, I must say MSI was the best show I've attended. The Bunny The Bear opened the show, and people were a lot less enthusiastic for them. I, however, tried (and succeeded!) in getting into it. They are a good band, but I was more enthusiastic for MSI.

By the way, does anyone know the name of the blonde guitarist for The Bunny The Bear?

Can Anyone Do Me a Favor?

Okay, some of you know that I have a Deviant Art Account, and those who do also know that I am not very active on it. Still, I want to start posting some more of my work on there and get some coverage other than from my mom and sister. I have a few drawings done, and I posted one of them on there a few weeks ago. Could someone look at it and see what you think? The link is below.

It is Killjoy related... *hint hint*

There will be more of them posted soon, whether you like it or not.

I Just...I Can't

I just wanted to express my excitement to someone...


Even if they unfollow me, I am excited because they follow me for now. YAY!

I didn't even have to sacrifice any babies for them. :)

Stay shiny,

Show Stopper

Oh Boy...

So much for daily posts. Sorry it's been so long, but I've just been so busy!

Work is going well, school's going okay, and the musical is actually coming together. I know, I'm just as surprised as you are! Given my complaints, that is. This week is the opening, and I'm actually pretty excited. The first show was supposed to be tonight, but it was cancelled because our basketball team made it to District Finals. Instead, we will have a very short rehearsal. I mean, I'm proud of our boys and all, but I wish we didn't have to cancel a show.

Go Big Blue, right?

In other news, I am super

Scrapbooks Full of Me in the Background

Let me get one thing straight: Theater is my life. Singing, performing, and acting are three things that get me through the day. There is no better therapy for me than performing a song in my room, belting it out with all the emotion and depth I can muster. I don't want to work at McDonalds for the rest of my life. I need to act. It's not a want, but a purely unadulterated need. If I'm doing something other than acting with my life in twenty years, slap me in the face and bring me to a casting call.

With all of that said, I am pretty pissed that I want nothing more than to leave this

School Spirit?

It is finally Friday. The school week is done once again and I sit here waiting for rehearsal to start. Now we had a pep rally, and...well, it pretty much sucked. It could be because I am so fucking tired, it could be because I haven't had any coffee yet today, or because it just plain sucked. I also didn't appreciate getting yelled at (not just me, but the entire high school) for sitting down during the alma mater.

Quick thing: I usually try and get pumped up. All the administration and pep club are trying to do is make people excited about something.

Earbud Split

We all listen to MCR, but it is kind of cool listening with only one bud. To be specific, it is cool/annoying to listen to "You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison" with one bud. It is cool, because you only hear half of the song. Unfortunately, it is annoying for the same reason. There are actually a few songs that do this, but that is the one I've listened to most recently.

*cough* MCR is on shuffle *cough*

My sister and I found this out sharing earbuds once, but I unfortunately have no choice this time. I lost my good pair of earbuds, so I have to use the pair with one blown out.


There are only 11 days until my sister and I go to see Reggie and the Full Effect! I also found out the other bands that are going to be there: Pentimento and Dads. I am not familiar with these bands, but I just got both of their most recent EPs so I can familiarize myself with them. From what I've heard so far, they rock!

Quick Question: Is it bad I wasn't really familiar with any of these bands before I bought the tickets in November, but wanted to see them because of James' and Frank's affiliation with My Chemical Romance? In a way, they just led me to other bands.

However you become a