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Happy Birthday Andy Biersack!

MCR will always be first with me, but Black Veil Brides are a close second, so here I am wishing their amazing lead singer Mr. Andy Biersack a happy birthday! :) <3

So..... Hows Life?

'How's life' Is the ultimate awkward silence breaker...... either that or you randomly scream out 'GAY BABY!!!'in a crowded room. I'm not being homophobic, I've just found that it's a good conversation starter :)
That's the only thing I learned today...... Yup.... I have such an exciting life :P

I'm Confused

Hey :) So I'm confused, what do we have to do for the wrist thing tomorrow?


Hey :) It's Angel Fire here. I'm after switching to a different name because, well, the name Angel Fire was pretty bad :P Well, that's all.....

Peace, love and rock 'n' roll <3