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Some people have no idea what its like to have a dad that works in the army! Sometimes it can be the most stressful thing in your life, especially when he has to dash of to countries such as Afghanistan, which he has done 3 times now. Thankfully he returned safe and unharmed. Right now he's in Canada and he is telling me all these great things about the country and how he is now a skiing instructor for injured soldiers who comes back from a tour to try and recoup and lead a normal life. I don't live with him because of his 2nd wife and I don't get along.

Should I apoligize to my step mum??

A couple of moths ago my step mum kicked me out of the house
for wearing eyeliner. and my dad wants ME to say sorry to her...
but I dont know why I should say sorry when she kicked me out of the house
in the first place. So im asking you if i should say sorry or not!


I love the simpson!