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Didn't Know There Was Such Thing...

Just found out about the urban dictionary... very interesting. Apparently, this is my name's definition:

A good girl; someone who believes in doing the right thing at all cost. Believes in fate and has high morals. Dislikes lying and thinks family is important. At times can be stubborn and not think. Clumsy. Tends to be nice to people, but gets annoyed easily and doesn't trust very well. Tends to have pretty eyes. Unique and often called odd.

Hey Everyone :)

Okay, I need a little help with a situation that I'm in. I'll give you a little history: I was raised with two moms. I love them both dearly and completely consider them to be my parents. Unfortunately, my "father" is still slightly in the picture. I never see him, but he still has rights to me. One of my moms does not, and I'd really like to change that. My "father" isn't much of a father. But, he's still a part of my life. He's actually one of the reasons why I've fallen into a couple of depressions.

Any Advice?

Hey everyone :) Okay, over the past couple of months, I have been trying to let go and start writing again. But, I can't seem to write anything down on paper. I guess I'm a bit worried about how people will interpret it. It's the same with drawing, I don't have any faith in it. Any advice?