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Anyone out there? xD

I have a great job. I'm in a healthy relationship. My best friend and I are super awesome.
I'm excited for Comic Con in October. I'm going as Khaleesi from Game Of Thrones.
I'm most excited about Halloween. I figured out my costume.
I felt weird walking into the library because I have an MCR laptop bag, MCR purse, and a MCR hoodie on. It's not on purpose, it just happened that way.
I uploaded a video of me singing on youtube today. I'm nervous about it.
I also finally wrote a Chapter 2 for my Edward Scissorhands fanfiction.
I'm going to be 20 in January. So bizarre.

How is everyone doing?

Hello friends :]

So, Harry Potter club ended when the members decided they wanted to cancel one of our meetings because one person out of the 5 people running it got sick.
Oh well.
Atleast we got sorted into houses before it ended in March.
Im a Ravenclaw!
So I can hang out with Luna.
Apparently other famous Ravenclaw's are Tim Burton & Johnny Depp.
Isnt that AWESOME?! :D
I went to a Black Veil Brides concert on April 2nd and met ANDY SIX <3
Loooove that band.
Trisha's birthday party is this saturday. Im excited! :]
School is crazy as usual.
Sarah and I will be friends for 6 years in 2 months.
& we'll be

Sooo tired.

Today I went to the first Harry Potter club meeting.
Im so excited!
They interviewed everyone and they're going to sort us into houses :]
I hope im either Gryffindor or Slytherin :D <3
The next meeting is February 16th.
I wish I didnt have to wait that long :(
Oh well. Im so excited that im in a club now!
Ive never been in a school club.
I really dislike homework.
Jai deteste homework.

Hello o_O
Well, this is new. Im currently avoiding studying for my French test tomorrow. I dont get why schools wont teach German. German is better than French, atleast I think so. Tomorrow is going to be rather odd. Im going to trade books with Zach as usual, and talk about vampires and whatever weird stuff we can come up with in Math. The new episode of The Office was AMAZING. Im so glad Jim & Pam finally got married!