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One of our dear friends in the admin world is in a coma. She's a truly fabulous Killjoy and we're all hoping she'll pull through. I'm trying to get this tag trending. Please spread it around on Twitter, Facebook, on here, Tumblr, everywhere and anywhere you see fit.

Please just send your love. <3



Fellow Killjoys!

I need your help.

There's a new page on Facebook, a support group for Killjoys going through rough times.

If you or any other Killjoy happens to feel severely depressed, suicidal, or you're just having a really bad day and need to talk, this page is for you.

Please spread word of this page to as many Killjoys as you can.

The more people who know about it, the more we can help these Killjoys in need.

Thank you all.

Here's the link: