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thank you all for helping me continue

i would just like to say, thank you to everyone who helped me see that BADWORD stupid BADWORD monster is wrong. i now realize it was not ment to be and there are other great things comming.
thank y'all so much xx

i have just been DUMPED SO HARSHLY...

ok, i think we have established that i am infact in hospital, for serious depresion and i only get 3hours of internet and phone use a day, well i just switched on my phone and a text poped up. from my former girlfriend. i was getting all happy, like "yes she hasent forgotten about me, i love her soooo much" and i opened the text and guess what? it says,
'you are not sane. i hope you DO kill yourself and die it would do everyone a favour. oh, and guess what, im not really bisexual. HA! so ur dumped hoe'
i know its probably seriously sad but i loved her, i actualy did.

the tale of the uni-horn

once apon a time, there was nothing. and then ther was something. y'see, all the atoms and stuff exploded together and out burst one HUGE rainbow. the rainbow made all things magical and err, non-magical aswell. every thing was good. and so man and woman were made and multiplyed and the human race as we know it today was born. but only one horse was created, because the magic was running out.
now. the rainbow was fading and the lonely poney wondered into its fading beams.
suddenly, the horse heared a voice. it said...
"you are one"
the horse said "errm, yeah, bit sad huh?"
"i will use my last

my album continues at last!!!!

i have continued to write my album 'MASQURADE'
i am so exited. i have been working on it for about a month and its finaly making sense to me now. i hope it is apreciated when i finesh it!!! *cue the evil laugh* mmmmWWWAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, MWWWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
aw, you know what is really embarising? i just did the evil laugh out loud and people are staring. oopps!! ah well. listening to the black parade again, xD. teenagers. ah these songs have and are still helping me get through the hard times of being in hospital.


hello, im knew to all this. so i guess i best make a great first impression! righ, here goes...
origonaly, i am blond, last week i was brunett, now i am black haired! so sexy! i love uni-horns (make note, not uni-CORNS uni-HORNS, i may explain in later blogs. the story of the uni-horn)
i spend most of my time on the internet, on facebook, google and My Chemical Romance sites.
currently i am in hospital for severe depresion (don't be alarmed)
i currently listening to the black parade album, track no. 8. cancer. epic songs!
i am the eldest sibling and it SUCKS!!!
my music is my life and i dont