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thats it.

okay. so. im in hospital again. for mental health. and im going to be for a long time.
i just cant do this anymore.

stay strong, stay safe, be fabulous killjoys xxxx

hospital, again?

ok guys, its valentines day, have a good one xxxx
and im MEANT to have lunch with my girlfriend... but, guess what? im in FRICKING hospital... AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! dude! im like, wwwhhhhyyyyy!!!!!??? why this week why me why my life? i really need some cheering up, and they are playing love songs, wtf? im . my. what? my heart is breaking. arrrhhhhhg! ah well, the uni-horn is a blessed thing...times like these... i love them more and more xxxxxxx
stay strong killjoys xxxxxxxxxx
i've got a bulletproof heart, you've got a hollowpoint smile, me and your runaway scars got a photograph dream on a get

look guys, i have come to understand...

i know it is none of our buissnes, and i KNOW that it may just be rumours, but what is going on? i am so confused at the moment! i seriously think that we need to mind our own buissnes and privacy is whats best, but is it really true that MCR are splitting? please, someone tell me its a fake lie made by some weirdo hater. PLEASE im begging you!!


guys what is going on with mikey? i dont know what is true and whats not anymore! someone fill me in... please? xxxxxx
i've got a bulletproof heart xxxx

oh! im getting there!

well i've gota girlfried!

im unbaleavable

You're unbelievable
Ah, so unbelievable
Ah, you ruin everything
Oh, you better go home
I'm unbelievable
Yeah, I'm undefeatable
Yeah, let’s ruin everything,
Blast it to the back row

*sooooo sexy!

why not give up now?

im so close to giving up on myself, its making me cry. i dont know what to do anymore. i just dont. whatever happens to me stay safe killjoys x

once again, the uni-horn

well, its raining man and im out init. so i drew a uni-horn on my wrist and its a bit like the butterfly project really, if you know what that is guys, try it out. im oficialy creating the uni-horn project. stay safe x

i cant see that side of things

i try telling my mom that im depressed and in pain, but she tells me im being selfish. i try and tell my dad but he says its just a teen thing. my 'friends' are with my mom on this one and im like 'why wont anyone listen to me?! im not faking, im in PAIN!' you guys get it though and that is all that matters to me these days xxxx

thank you

i just wanted to say a big thank you to my beautiful saviors reading your comments and messages really made a diffrence. i was going through a really bad patch and i couldent hold it in anymore, a few bad things happened to me and it mad me sick to my stomach. i havent spoken about it until now and i cant bear to write it down, but you guys im okay now and im sorry for scaring you all like that. im okay i promise and im safe.
back at school!!!! woopwoop!
im writing my own frerard fanfic and im geting into it, im also writing fresh new lyrics. so if you guys wanna hear...
my fanfic is actually