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Record Players

So just recently my Dad bought a used record player for $40. My Dad and I started listening to some of our favorite albums. One of the first albums I picked was The Black Parade (my favorite album of all time). I decided to listen some of the songs in headphones. The quality is AMAZING! You can hear almost every little detail (the bass, the drum, the vocals, and the guitars, plus the other instrument's like the piano and others). I have the 180 gram vinyl but I was still amazed by how good it sounded.

My Chemical Romance and Justin Bieber???

Let me start this off by saying I am not a COMPLETE Justin Bieber hater but I am certainly not a fan. But I will do my best to try not to insult Justin Beiber or his fans. Okay so let me start this with off by stating what was brought up Saturday on Twitter trending worldwide. #SingitforShane. Seven Justin Bieber fans attacked an MCR fan. They broke both of his arms and smashed his leg with a glass bottle.

So Much to Say in Such Little Time

Good Morning Killjoys! I can't believe it's already February. It sometimes feels like Danger Days was just released weeks ago. Speaking of which I finally got my California 2019 Box Set yesterday. I got Kobra Kid's mask and gun. I love the box it comes in. It is so interesting with the advertisements for BL/IND and the night time background with the spider on the sleeve. On the bottom of the box there is an advertisement for the Individual (the gun used by the Dracs). The Bad Luck Beads are quite comortable and I where them almost all the time.

Killjoy name

I finally thought of a good killjoy name, Summertime Extermination. If anyone else already has this name please let me know. Also I would like to hear other killjoy names!

Danger Days!! and Sing Music video

When I first heard it I didn't really like it but now I LOVE IT!!!! I love the Dr. Death Defying commentary This was definitely worth four years. I can't wait till it comes out. my favorite tracks are Na Na Na, Bulletproof Heart, Sing, Planetary (GO!), Party Poison, Save Yourself, S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W, and Vampire Money. There's just so many good tracks.

On a side note the sing music video is soo sad. I hope the killjoys are still alive. Can;t wait for the next video!


Sorry for using caps, I'm just so excited for the album (and the song). I love both of the new songs equally. I'm gonna miss the days where we were all working together to solve the MCR conspiracy (with the mystery twitter acounts and the transmitter). RIP Newsagogo Thanks For everything MCRmy. LOOK ALIVE, SUNSHINE!!!!!