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I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a job last Wednesday, its at a fabric shop downtown, and ITS THE BEST JOB EVER! I love it, I know everything (except for some prices on the bolts/rolls of fabric), and I'm so happy now! I have money, and I have less to worry about now.
Losing my hearing gradually, College, moving out, and when my gramophone (old school record [vynle] player) will come in, So only 4 things instead of 6 *high five*


On my way home from downtown, and OH, MY GOSH! I had the funniest bus driver ever, he was like a radio announcer, (like on the danger days CD) and he introduced the stops, and had conversations with the bus, and when people were being rude he would reply back to them, BUT ON THE BUS RADIO! I was cracking up so badly my sides were hurting when I got off. AND he was also wearing purple ray-bands. Hes sooooooo cool. I hope I have him as my bus driver every time.

Random Conversations

I'm one of those people that are easy to approach, and people tend to do that, Cray cray or sane.

I have really weird conversations with people on the bus or subway, they just randomly come up to me and start conversations.

Say WHAT!? What the fudge nugget!

I've been reading recently that MCR is breaking up, and I find that hard to believe.
I'm not a person who pays attention to rumors (because you can't trust what a third party tells you really), But I've been seeing this recently EVERY WHERE. Its getting ridiculous. I've read on other blogs and on face book that its not true, but still, its quite the freakout starter.

AND there is some more stuff about Mickey and honestly, I know nothing about this, and I don't WANT to know about it.

A long road ahead of Me

I'm new at this sort of thing, but I decided to try it to relive some stress I've been experiencing over my predicament.

I'm 18, and I graduated from high school in June 2012, I've been having noticeable hearing problems since grade 11 September. I found out this past August that I have a genetic disorder, causing the bones in my ears to fuse gradually, and that it probably effected me my whole life.