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Happy Birthday
Beautiful Morning

What a beautiful day this will be...
First watching one of my favourite TV show's I haven't seen in years, next hearing The Smashing Pumpkins all morning, and I discover mew songs of them.....very good ones

So this is all for now...
Take care

PS:Less than a week and I return to shool :/ what a waste of time

Long time...

It's been a very long time since I post my last blog here hahahaa but now I'm back, very tired by the way, I have been writing very good songs and I'm very proud of that....

Fuck I'm very tired, It's 2:00 am in te morning and I want to sleep right I'm going to bed

Take care bros!

PS : She loves you...


Oh sh*t, i feel very the new contest I wrote things very silly (and they are true), f*ck, but "I gotta have faith" just like the song, mcr´s are very good guys and i hope the will give the posters....again "I gotta feeling"...oh no sorry..."I gotta have faith"....
well i´m leaving I want to play the guitar...

PS:by the way my guitar is called "lena" like "helena" (gerard and mikey´s grandmother)

Please help!!!

As you know, our brothers of haiti are in a very bad make contience and donate what ever you want but please do it, they need in Mexico had one earthquake and it was awful for the people that was here..thank god I was not there (because I didn´t born yet) but I imagine how awful it was...


Lazy lazy

I`m so fuckin tired that i dont want to take a shower hahhahahaha
just heariing a little piece of music called "whiskey in the jar" and i think i will fell down to my bed hahaha just kidding
I have to do homework and im very lazy (not kidding) and i think i will fail again the subject hahaha

well im leaving