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I have a question...

According to you all, does admiration enable a loss of sleep ? Is it normal to eat the half of what you usually eat ? Does it make you feel like you can do anything to see the person you admire ? Can it lead to despair ? When you feel like everything around you is useless and you only focus on the person you admire, when you change and don't even recognize yourself, is it only fascination ? Or anything else... ?

Please answer me, I am lost...




Feeling quite down on now... I feel useless. I have a dream I want to achieve, but I lose heart. There is a sooo long way to manage it... And I am at the very bottom, I have so much to do... I believe in it, but I am no one, I am insignificant in this world, how could I succeed ? My dream is to meet someone I really care for, but this person is so far... So unreachable... I have to struggle and believe I can do it. I will. Because this is my only dream, my only way, and my only motivation...

Sorry, it seems useless but I really had to write it.


Hard to accept myself


I guess I shouldn't complain about me, because I am not a teenager, I have a job and all, I am supposed to be an adult, and all... But I have to speak and I don't think that anyone around me can really understand what I am living. You know, it is always easier to speak to someone you don't know than to someone close to you. Maybe no one will care about it, but at least I can express myself.

Since I have seen My Chemical Romance in concert in Paris, my life changed. I was really down these last years, being afraid of everything, always panicking for my health, etc.

First Intervention Team member

This afternoon, I had a training organized by my firm. It was called "First Intervention Team member". It taught us how to react when a fire was breaking out. I think it could be useful to write few things I learnt, it could help you at home or everywhere.

1st thing : In a fire, death rarely occured because of the flames. Most of time, it is due to toxic gas and smokes. When you are in a room where there is a fire, smoke and all, stay as close as possible to the floor. Why ? Because hot gas and smokes will stay above you (hot air goes upon cold air), and you will be able to breathe.

One poem

Yesterday, I woke up quite early and wrote this poem :

Lumières et ombres glissent sur mes pensées.

Au creux de l'herbe scintillante de rosée,
Une perle dorée s'éveille, une autre, puis des milliers.
Bientôt la brume matinale est embrasée,
Et mon coeur ébloui soupire, illuminé.


Singer beginner

Hello everybody,

I am a synthesizer player in a band, and I would like to begin singing (in fact, the other members of the band want me to sing...). I have never sung in front of people and I need some advice...

Does anyone know how I could train, improve my voice ? Are there techniques to warm-up the voice, etc ?

When I sing in front of the mirror, it seems I am like a plant : I don't manage to move at all ! I don't know what to do with my arms, don't know if I have to smile, or do something special.