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Feeling not so good...

Hi everyone,

I feel quite odd tonight, so if someone has time for talking, I'd be grateful.


HB Gerard !

I only want to wish a happy birthday to Gerard, and thank him again for the strenght he gave me to face my fears and become a singer :).


Happy Birthday Gerard !

Everything is in the title :).

Happy Birthday !

Hello, Gee. I wish you a happy birthday, with a lot of happiness, and wishing you suceed in everything you want.
I also want to thank you again for having given me the will to sing. You opened a door to a wonderful world, I can see it now. Thanks.


So hard to be...

Why... why can't I just let go ? Why do I want to make everything, absolutely EVERYTHING right ?? Why do I want all the world to like me ? Why do I fear my mistakes so much ? What's wrong with me ?? Everybody can tell me "just let go", or "just be yourself", but HOW CAN I DO ?? How the fuck can I do this ? I hate my mistakes, I just want to be perfect everytime, and I just make me feel so much pressure that it is unbearable... Why can't I just accept myself as I am ? Why do I always want to be the best, the first one, the one, the... I really got a problem with it.

Happy Birthday, Gerard

I wish you a really Happy Birthday, and a lot of happiness.

Next Saturday, I have my second concert as a singer. This time, I will be alone to sing, but this is thanks to you that I will do it. Thank you, without you, I wouldn't be a singer today.


Merry Christmas


I wish a Merry Christmas to you all.
I don't really like this day, but my wish is for people who believe in it.



... really afraid.

In few days, I will try to pass the 1st dan of iaidô (martial art with a japanese sword). In Paris. In front of Japanese sensei. I am really stressed, I have been stressed for a whole week.

Because I hurt my ankles and my knees this summer, and it still hurts... I know that I want to go there so much, but I don't know if my body will hold on. And as I know myself, I will do my best without carrying about my legs. And then... it will be worse...

I don't know what to do.

I am so afraid...


Why am I always a witch ?

Since I was very young, I disguise in a witch. Actually... my first time ever, I asked my Mom to be a witch. I was 3 years old... And I still love it !

A fairy ? A princess ? A chinese ? An animal ? A clown ? No...

... a Witch.



I am wishing to you all a very happy Halloween.
This is Samain day, when Hell doors open to let people who died in the year go in.
So say goodbye to the ones you loved.
Say hello to a new year.
And don't forget to disguise when you go out : the spirits of the dead will believe you are one of them, and let you in peace...

Enjoy this night... this strange night...