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Day 7-Your Top 5 Movies

I have too many favorite movies.
1. Vampire movies
2. Tim Burton movies
3. The Dark Knight (I like all of the batman movies though)
4. Labyrinth
5. Musicals (including some disney movies)

Killjoy Name

I think I've finally figured out a killjoy name. What do you guys think of Harlequin Vampire?

Day 6- A Celebrity You Wish Was Your Best Friend

A lot of people from my favorite rock bands.
Ville Valo
Gerard Way
Mikey Way
Frank Iero
William Frances aka William Control
Emilie Autumn
Jack White
Amy Lee
Davey Havok

Day 9- A Song That You Can Dance To

There are quite a lot. If you mean just dance around for fun then I'd say:
Na Na Na (Na Na Na) by My Chemical Romance
Most Katy Perry songs
Most Lady Gaga songs
Some songs from musicals like Rent, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Grease, and Chicago.
Most techno songs
Some Morningwood songs
Some punk songs
Some pop songs

Day 9- A MCR Song That Instantly Makes You Smile

I like a lot of their songs but I dont know exactly which one makes me happy. I think "Na Na Na (Na Na Na)"

Day 8- A Song That You Know All The Words To

Theres quite a few.

Most H.I.M. songs
Most Evanescence songs
Quite a few Coheed and Cambria songs
Most My Chemical Romance songs
The Emo Song (lol)
Quite a few Nirvana songs

Day 5-A Celebrity You Wish Was Your Boy/Girlfriend

I have quite a few.

Gerard Way
Frank Iero
Jack White
Ville Valo
Johnny Depp
Brandon Lee (even though hes dead)
Kurt Cobain (even though hes dead)
William Frances or whatever aka William Control

Day 7-A Song That Makes You Think Of A Certain Event

Intensity In Ten Cities by Chiodos makes me think of me and my ex Brandon's first date. We saw them at a concert two days after we started going out. We were together for four years. I still miss him from time to time. Ilove that song and I love them.

Day 4- a band you wish you could meet

There are too many!!! Here are some I'd like to meet.

My Chemical Romance (of course)
The White Stripes
Nine Inch Nails
Emilie Autumn
Bullet For My Valentine
Aiden (I sorta have. I met Will when I saw him with his solo project William Control.)
Mindless Self Indulgence
She Wants Revenge
Coheed and Cambria

I wouldve loved to meet Nirvana. I love Kurt Cobain.

Day 8-Favorite Moment From The Black Parade Is Dead!

I haven't heard of or seen that unfortunately.