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Sid and nancy anyone?

I just watched the movie about Sid Vicious and Nancy Spundgen!!!Oh my god,my fucking soul hurts!!I almost started crying when I was reading about it (i have this thing where I don't really let myself cry) but tears where about to start going down my face but I didn't let them out.I just....ughhglrshiu;l;shztle.I can't describe this!It's definetly my fav love story!Fuck,I'm not gonna sleep well tonight.To love someone like that....That,that,that...augh fuck D:

mcr tribute (don't you dare scroll down on me)

Hey,so,this girl is making an mcr tribute and she needs more people .The idea is really nice and you should participate.Just send an email to and say that you're interested in helping her.(You may throw in that seka.jexy(Jelisaveta Nedeljkovic) sent you...just sayin).You should do this.COME ON WHERE"S YOUR KILLJOY SPIRIT???Oh,okay,there it is.PRETTY PLEASE <333

And so my grandpa died

Branko Klenkovski 25.9.1946-12.7.2013
He died on Friday.He battled with cancer for about a month.One awesome man he was.And a legendary soccer player.
I'm okay.I'm actually pretty awesome feeling.I cried for a total of 5 minutes,and that's for Friday and Saturday.But,I'm okay.He wasn't the kind of man who would be such a downer.He was so funny and happy.He cracked jokes till the end.On his last day,I laid in bed next to him.We didn't talk ,we were just laying there.And I knew that it will be the last time I see him.I just did.Later that night,and around 1:30 a.m.,me and my older brother were

One of the best days EVER

So,in my previous blog,I mentioned I was going to a japaneese festival thingy.Well,I had a blast!!! I only went for the manga-anime part,cause it was hot and I didn't want my grandma to have a major asthma attack.People!So many awesome people!Pretty much everyone was wearing either a rock-metal band shirt,or a manga character shirt,or a Japan related shirt (me).We all had either wild,puffy hair or crazy colored ones.One girl drew a manga version of me(new profile pic) and she said that she liked my hair cause it's so wavy!We also had a lesson on how do draw manga characters and the girl who

What happened in the last few days

So,a few days ago I helped my dad operate a dog.Her name's Izzy.:DShe's fine now.I didn't do much,you know like,wipe the blood,hold this,hold that,put your finger here,give me that.I've seen him operate lots of times before and I helped when I was pretty small.I thought that mabe I'll get a panic attack during it,but,nah,I was cold as a stone.
Earlier that day,I was near the bus stop and I saw a tram coming and so I had this wild thought that I should run after it.The driver saw me and waited for me,which was like slow motion,me running and everything.It resulted with everyone in the tram


Hey,so here's my twitter name
I'll follow back :D

Oh yeah my darling babies

Summer vaication has officialy started!!!! Yay!!! Though,I don't feel like it's summer.I feel like I'm going back to school on Monday.Probobly because of the shitty weather.You know what?Who fucking cares!? Three months without tachers,no studying,no annoying kids...Just me,music,Buffy The Vampire Slayer,mangas,anime,drawing,reading and writing.WooHoo!!! Yipy-Kay-Ay!!!! That's not how you spell it,is it now?I just watched a full Guns N Roses concert so now I'm all hyper,even though I'm laying in bed.
Oh,yeah,I was outside yesterday.*round of aplause,crowd cheering for me,conffetti and other

So...I was on 9gag...:D

Heheh,I just stumbled upon this picture and had to share it with you guys.:)
But,other than that,I feel kinda shitty lately.Not to mention that a few days ago I came to the descovery that I'm bi...My friends on here.....I don't know,I guess they're busy or something,they still haven't replied to my messages...I don't know anymore,I'm so...Shitty.I need someone right now.Someone to listen to me and tell me it's all okay,that I'll be just fine.It's not just because of my bi stuff,I have that shit under control,I told some of my friends and they're completly fine with it.I just,I feel so

Please Em...

Hey,so guys I need your help.There's my really dear friend emilykilljoy22 over here and she's seriously depressed.Like,really bad.She still hasn't replied to my last message.I'm from fucking Serbia and she's from America,so it kills me that I can't be with her.I'm really worried about her.Please,someone,send her a message.I'm losing my mind.
Emily please,don't leave us,don't leave me here.I love you too much.This song is for you.Don't cry.Please,don't leave meIt's not worth it.I'm worried sick about you.
I will love you forever..I will love you worst <33333333
Please guys,I need your help.I

Might as well put up a profile pic

So,what do you think about my first profile pic on here? :D
Btw,my friends say that I look suitable for my age(I do too),well you're my friends (family even) so tell me how old do I look.:)