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Where are u music videos?

Where are they? I need those videos. I checked MTV and youtube. Anywhere else I should check?

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In a hurricane with internet

I'm in the hurricane and still have internet. For now. I am soooo bored right now. I can't use youtube for MCR because it's not working although every other part of the internet works. FUCK!!!

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The Only Hope for Me is You music video?

Is it true there is gonna be a video and if it is when is it coming out?

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The Sharpest lives chapter 2: GET UP AND GO!!!

(I know this chapter drags on for a while. It’s ten pages on word. Sorry I was really bored and had nothing to do. So bear with me.)
“Firefly psst.” NightHawk hissed, slipping her jacket and boots back on.
Firefly rolled over with a snore.
“Firefly.” NightHawk said louder, kicking Firefly in the stomach.
“OOF.” Firefly exclaimed, waking up. “What do you want?”
“It’s dawn.” NightHawk said simply.
“Bullshit.We just went to sleep.”
“Well it’s dawn.” NightHawk said again, pulling on her friend’s arm.
“Ok ok.” Firefly snapped, getting to her feet and pulling on her own jacket and boots.
“You two up yet.” Someone called from outside the door.
“Yeah.” NightHawk yelled back.
“Well get out here then.” Another voice yelled.
“Fuck you.” NightHawk said under her breath. Firefly nodded, grabbing her gun.
“Let’s go before they break the door down for God’s sake.” Firefly said.

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The Sharpest lives chapter 1: the Jetset life is gonna kill you

(Ok I know this doesn't fit with my first story so if you could just disregard that story)

Disclaimer. *Annoyed tone* NO I do not own MCR and have never even met them. Don't comment asking if I know them. I posted this other places and it drives me nuts! I did use their characters and personalities though. I do in fact own NighttHawk and Firefly, they are figments of my imagination.

California 2019
“Why are we doing this?” Nighthawk demanded.
“Trust me.” Firefly muttered, slipping through a doorway.
“Because you’re soooo trustworthy.” NightHawk muttered to herself.
Firefly ignored her and listened for any sound. The sound of footsteps made her freeze and NightHawk nearly slammed into her. At least a dozen Dracs marched past them.
As the last one vanished Firefly slipped forward with NightHawk on her heels. Firefly raised her gun and NightHawk did the same.
“How do you know they’re even here?” NightHawk demanded.

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Shit shit shit!!! I am right in the path of the hurricane eye. Of course school starts next week. Just watch me be in school and get trapped there or something. GOD I have got to take my ipod to school everyday because of this hurricane and make sure I don't forget it. SHUT THE FUCK UP STUPID THUNDER!!! I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR RUMBLING AND LIGHTNING!!! Anyway I have field hockey too so with my fuckin shittty luck I'll be playing and just get poured on and then (this has happened before I was at the school) everybody'll get stuck at fuckin school.

P.S. Sorry about swearing so much. I'm having a pissy day. (I think my field hockey coach is trying to kill me) *Grabs stick and starts waving at coach* "No more running NO!!"

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Anybody want a killjoy name?

Ok so I'm really bored so humor me here.

I am really good(well okay) at making up killjoy names so if you want a killjoy name just post some stuff about yourself like if you like animals and your favorite song or whatever and I'll make a name out of it.


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The only hope chapter 1 Bulletproof Heart (read the prolouge first)

I looked over at Firefly who was laying on the dirt next to me.

"I still can't beleive that one person did all of this." I said, sitting up and gesturing at the wasteland that had once been our home.

"I know. I've forgotten so much of what life was like. I can't even remember my real name."

"Neither can I." I admitted, laying back on my elbows.

"Will things ever be normal again." Firefly sighed.

I shrugged, gazing up at a star.

"Remember the hawk feather we found on the first night after Korse took over?" I asked.

She nodded.

"And the firefly."

"Yeah and that's how you became NightHawk and I became Firefly."

"We should proably get going again." I said, getting to my feet and brushing the dirt off.

"Yeah." She agreed. "It seems so peaceful here though."

"I know but it won't last." I agreed sadly, brushing a red streak of my hair and picking at it with my nails. We both had dyed our hair black but I had red streaks because of the orginal killjoys.

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The only hope prolouge (Basically a teaser will post more of it soon)

I crept through the abandoned building, my heart pounding as light flashed over my head. I lept up and shot a Drac in the chest. I walked over and cooly pulled off its mask. What I saw made me nearly scream. It was my father.

I had grown used to shooting my friends and family and had grown numb to the pain of it. It seemed I was the only one left sometimes. Me and my friend. We fled when Korse began to give everyone pills. I don't remember where we hid. I remember my mom had made me eat something and then revealed herself as a Drac. Instantly, without thinking I'd raised my gun and pulled the trigger.

I'd spat it out but it still numbed me for a few days. By the time I regained my senses the world as I'd known it was gone.

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OK going crazy lately

My addiction is giong crazy right now. I went to the concert in boston earlier this month, have red streaks in my hair, have tons of stuff from the concert, am gonna make a shirt, and am going to paint my room the killjoy colors. Plus I'm addicted to coffee. Not that I don't enjoy it but my family thinks I've losty my mind. I just tell them I never really had one until MCR. It's kinda true. Before MCR I was so worried about fitting in and being "normal" and now I'm just doing everything I can to be the opposite.