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Changing account name?

Is there any way to? I originally wanted to have the account called second chance animals after my pets but I messed it up and anyway now I'm sick of my account name.

Is there anyway to change it?

~NightHawk (Keep Running)

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vote for MCR

I'm not even gonna ask. Just go to the website and vote for them.
Keep Running.

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We'll keep fighting Part 1: You don't own me

(Just need to write a random story right now)

"Fuck" I muttered under my breath as Lilly walked up.
"What's your problem?" She asked, sitting next to me.
"Society. People. A better question is what's no my problem!"
"I guess."
"And my iPod broke today."
"Sucks to be you."
"Tell me about it! My iPod is like a member of my family."
"You need therapy."
"Yeah I know."
"Ok well what are you doing tonight?"
"Sitting at home being bored. Why?"
"Oh no reason."
"Lilly! What?!" I demanded.
"I get to go to a concert tonight."
"Oh right.Damn it!"
"So I'll see you tomorow."
"Do you enjoy killing my soul?" I asked her.
"Of course I do Sierra."

"I can't beleive this!" I complained as I looked at my iPod. Smashed by my stupid brother.
"She goes to a concert while I'm here listening to fuckin iTunes."
"Sierra turn your music down!" My mom yelled.
"Yeah whatever." I said, looking through my closet for something. I knew I had it. But where?

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Stole this...

01 Hello: Hey
02 Love: animals
03 Cow: Oink, I mean uh moo
04 Peace: ???
05 Sky: Sunlight, gah
06 Mr. Big: what?!
07 Horror: Justin Beiber

Answer with only one word.
01 You are a: Killjoy!!!
02 You drink: soda
03 Your first kiss: no-one
04 Where are you: home
05 You like: Music
06 Hate is: people
07 Love is: my horse
08 You dream of: mcr
09 You can’t spell:
10 Your favourite color is: GREEN!

Answer either yes or no. No “maybes” allowed.
01 You like a boy/girl: no
02 You would kiss someone for $10: NO!
03 You’re addicted to facebook: Hell no
04 You’re addicted to blogs: EH
05 Pink looks nice on guys: UH. Depends
06 You can’t keep a secret: No
07 Do you have any siblings: yes
08 You know what an asterisk is: yeah
09 You dye your hair: yep

Write the first thing each color makes you think of.
01 Red: Blood because I'm a vampire
02 Green: Frankie
03 Teal: Uh, some freaky frog in a game

~NightHawk (I'm sooo original)

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Cutting again

I'm cutting my arms again. I know I shouldn't.
But the thing is I just can't stop.
I'm not even sure what I should do.
My mom is making me go see someone tommorow about getting put on medicine.
I just don't even know what yo do anymore.

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Sing Chapter 1: The boys and girls in the clique, teh awful names that they stick...

(I decided to change this up a little. This story doesn't actually involve MCR, well you'll see. Mystery is a figment of my imagination, or rather my drawing. I'll post a pic of it soon. Lilly is based off my BFF but I don't live by myself(wish I did.)

"Chill out girl." I muttered, stroking Mystery's huge black and white neck. She was a Gypsy Vanner mare and she weighed in at 1200 lbs. and man could she throw her weight around.
"I'll be back. You know I will." I added, grabbing my backpack and letting myself out of her stall. She neighed plaintively as I headed for the bus.
"Chill out girl." I tried to tell her but in truth I wanted to run back to her stall and hide. I know she knew I hated school. Everyday I would come home and run into her stall and break down.
"Shit." I muttered as I heard her kicking at her stall. She did it every morning. I knew the wood wouldn't hold up forever. The door had already been replaced five times that year and it had only been three months.

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This isn't over Chapter 1 Get up and go!

(This is like a teaser. Tell me what you think?)

"Shit!" I yelped, waking from my daydream.
"What's with you?" My best friend Lilly or Firefly asked.
"I juat had the worst dream about..."
Her face darkened.
"It wasn't a dream was it?"
She was silent.
"No they're gone."
"Shit! We have to found them."
"Sierra, they're gone."
"No they're not. Korse can't win. He just can't."
"NightHawk! It wasn't Korse."
"What but..?"
"They left."
"Why would they do that?" I demanded.
"They said they were surrendering. It's just us now Sierra."
I groaned and hit my head on the brick wall of our abandoned car garage base.
"Well you know what we can do right?" I asked suddenly, a smile creeping onto my face.
"No Sierra. Not again. We are not going down that road again."
"But we could Lilly. We could find the fabulous Killjoys. I know we could."
"We've tried before it doesn't work."
"Well do you want to just sit here and wait for Korse to show up?!"

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So I pulled my braces off last night and my parents found out.
Now my dad wants to take away my horse back riding and not allow one of my friends over. I mean the friend loopal is he mentioned her by name but not my other friend.
Anway my mom says they won't take away riding but I don't know. If they take away riding I will literally kill myself.
My mom's like "What were you thinking pulling them off."
I didn't say anything but she should know I never think about what I do! I just act!

~NightHawk (life is shit)

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crazy person. Coocoo

Anyway my dad was talking today and he said that a woman he works with beleives in that whole "Oh the world is gonna end. The horror."
and he said she's literally taking a break in December and is going to hide in a bunker.
1. It's not gonna happen
2. If the world really does end, explode or something, there is no bunker that will keep you safe!

~NightHawk (random)

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Ok so I was pulling off my braces with a scissors. (stupid but that's just me) Anyway part of my molar flaked off.
I was looking around on google and I have no idea what to do.
Has this happened to anyone else? Because I really don't want to tell anyone because I'm supposed to have braces on.
But do you know if it will be fine or if I have to see the dentist?

~NightHawk (Please answer if you have any clue)