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YouTube is pissing me off

So I'm looking for some music videos, type the names in nothing shows up wtf? Then I try with capital letters and it shows up. Damn it YouTube!
I don't wanna type in caps when I'm trying to listen to music!!!

~NightHawk (I'm ticked)

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Nightmares (song just seems appropriate)

OK so I used to cut myself but I haven't for months. Anyway last night I dreamt I was like cutting Xs in my skin and everytime it went down to my bone. And I'm totally freaked out. I couldn't sleep at all last night and this morning my mom got all pissed at me cause she said she heard me awake at midnight.
I have no idea when I'm dreaming about this because it's not like I've even thought about it lately. I'm wicked freaked out.


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Why school sucks...

Period 1: Homeroon *naptime*
Period 2: L.A with crazy teacher who loves Shakespeare and never tells us the homework then yells at us when we don't do it
Period 3: Social studies. Nice teacher funny but history sucks and we're basically reviewing everything.
Period 4: (changes based on day) Woodshop, fun with Firefly except for having to design houses on computers hate computers but designed an awesome house. Chorus, I like singing but we have to sing shitty music, Computers, stupid "reflection" stuff that's needed to graduate

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Are th zones dead?

Has BLI started the take-over or something. No-one seems to be posting today.


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So I found this and it's basically about not fitting in.


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Sick puppies

Love this band and song.

~NightHawk(Found it last night. Hehe)

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I'm rebelling. Take that rules!

So this month in honor of MCR I am rebelling more than ever. At school I'm going to wear the jacket I was banned from wearing, write quotes all over my arms, and post quotes on the walls without permission. Unfortunately Firefly and I are pretty much the onloy MCR fans at my school so I can't do any quotes that swear or any negative ones because I know I'll get caught and at least then I can say "Oh it's just positive quotes ms. drac" Because my guidance counselor at school is a drac.
That way I might get a detention (it would first detention in my life) but it won't be that bad.

~NightHawk (Baically I'm gonna cause shit this month)

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How do I piss off my neighbors?

Ok so long story short my mom got a job as a school bus driver. Like scholl bus for disabled kids. The neighbors complained and she has to quit her job.
So I need some creative ways to piss off my neighbors without getting caught. And we lease the house so I CAN'T get caught or we'll be kicked out.

~NightHawk (And don't tell me not to seek revenge)

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1. What is your middle name?

2. Where are you from?
New Hampshire

3.What color are your eyes?

4. How tall are you?

5. What did u want to be when u were little?
Um I think I wanted to be a unicorn (eep)

6. What genre of music do u listen to
Rock and roll, metal, Punk,etc.

7. What is your favorite food?

8 What's your favorite color(s)?
green, red, yelloe, black, blue(Killjoys colors. In order of favoritism)

9. What color do u want your hair?
black with red streaks. (when I'm 16 I'm dying it)

10 What are you labled as?
weird, freak, anooying bitch, crazy (don't I know it)

11. do u like people?
Hell no. Except a few.

12 MCR or BVB?

13. How many friends do u have?

14. are u popular or wish to be?
No, and sometimes populars talk to me (for something other than a school project which leaves me no choice) and I want to wring their little necks.


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Pissed. Off. (dresscode)

So one time I wore an MCR jacket to school. The ray gun one. Anyway no-one could even tell it was guns. And I mean it's fictional guns anyway!
So I got in trouble because it's "against dresscode"
Ok so our dresscode also says no short shorts. You can't have sleevless shirts and you can't show cleavege.
Ok so yesterday there was this girl (whose mom is a teacher!) who was wearing a sleevless dress and let's just say it was pretty low cut. Teachers were complimenting her!!!
And two girls who were wearing really short shorts and I mean talking about it in front of teachers! No-one cared!
And then there's this one girl who. She just downright dresses like a slut. And they don't give a shit. She is constantly breaking the dresscode and apparently she fucked a guy in a staircase that has no camera.
Teachers are ass-holes. I mean, I wear somethign that isn't real that no-one can tell what it is and I get yelled at. Then people full-out break the dresscode and no-one cares!